November Bucket List

The idea of writing a Bucket List is one that I love the idea of but last month I changed all that!  I’m publishing a small list of random goals each month in a hope that I’ll do them.   I have lots of lists but it normally is blogging related.  My bucket list is not just blog so it will hopefully be entertaining enough for me to do.

First lets see how I got on with last months list:

October Bucket List

– Go and see Bridget Jones at the cinema.  YES – I went with some of my Mummy friends.
– Tidy the shrubs in the garden.  NO – but my excuse is that Dave saw a rat out in the garden and I don’t want to go out there!
– Get up to date with Daves plumbing book keeping.  YES – with a promise to keep up with it more regularly
– Tell my Facebook friends and family all about my blog.  YESIt was warmly received.
– Make some pretty patterns on my Instagram feed.  YES – I’m making a rainbow
– Check and fix the dead links on my blog.  NO – sort of – I ran the check but did nothing about it!
– Carve a pumpkin and do everything Halloween! YES – we went to a family party…

Robot in a red boiler suit holding a red fork

Robot sat next to a carved pumpking with a silly expression

Here is my list for November;

November Bucket List

– Wash Car and clean inside.
– Tomato themed blog series.
– Make mince pies.
– Go for a walk in the Lake District.
– Tidy Shrubs in Garden.
– Aim for 50 new pins on Pinterest.

What have you got planned for this month?



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