Nice Weather and Good Moods #abc123challenge

This weeks been a big blur of nice weather and good moods. Full on explorer mode as I feel we’ve been on the go all week on adventures that would make some people quake in their boots!

Our biggest and best adventure was on bank holiday Monday when Dave got his one day off. The kids were obviously up early so we decided to pack up a picnic and head into the Lake District early to go to a quieter side of Lake Coniston. Well, arriving at 9am it seems everyone else had the same idea and even earlier get ups as people were set up and already lighting breakfast BBQs.

We’re not a huge fan of tourists so we decided to bail on our plan and head to the west coast near Bootle to hit the beach. Essentially a deserted beach with lovely sand and plenty of fun to be had.

It is a hidden gem really, it’s not the Almafi coastline. It’s often incredibly wind-swept, views of Heysham power station and hundreds of off shore wind turbines but on a sunny day it’s a fab place to hang out with a toddler!

Both Dave and I enjoyed playing with the Robot while the other chilled with CABS at the picnic blanket. We paddled, made dams, dug holes, made castles, knocked them down again, found stones, fish, sand worms and generally had such a fab time running around.

robot and dave building a dam

robot looking at sand worms

Cabs in the sling on Karen both smiling at the camera

When we packed up the picnic stuff the tide was right out and starting to turn. CABS was restless and tired so we went for a walk and proper paddle to the sea edge so she could sleep in the sling. The water was so warm, well warmer than you’d expect for West Cumbria.

Buckets in hand and shorts stripped off the Robot had even more fun jumping in the waves collecting water. Fun.

robot with his bucket and spade at the sea line

Having had four hours of fun we decided to head back to the car with the lure of ice cream. We drove to Haverthwaite railway half way home for some English Lakes deliciousness! It’s a fab place to stop and have extra play. The steam engine arrived and departed while we ate, much to the joy of the boys.

No pictures this time. Too busy playing in the great park they have too. How we got away home I’m not sure. Thankfully the bank holiday traffic wasn’t that bad and we managed to get the Robot home without a car nap, an incredible feat after a full day outdoors!

That’s been the best bit of the week but we’ve had plenty more happy Bits to follow:

The Happy Bits

A moment at the end of the week to take a look back at all the happy moments of the week:

– With Dave working the weekend I managed the train into town with the two kids to visit the sling library. I often worry about the distance the Robot has to walk for this trip but he managed it really well! I bought him a new bigger boys rucksack so he’s been wearing this all week.

– Dave finished up early on Sunday because he wasn’t going to finish. I had developed a sore throat so was feeling rubbish, it meant I got to go to bed for an hour, I was truly grateful!

– The nice weather turned rain on Tuesday and ruined my plans to go to Morecambe to pick up my pottery from the other week. We got half way there and decided to turn back but stopped for car snacks at a level crossing. We were entertained for a good hour and went exploring when the rain turned less rain.

– I managed to stitch together the centre of my Marcella Medallion quilt, I’m in love:

Marcelle Madalion patchwork

– We may have started potty training! The Robot has switched to pull ups and is enjoying doing wee’s in toilets. I’m going completely toddler led but keeping asking him to wee seems to be working.

– After Saturdays train success to town we decided to do this again for Thursdays sling library. It was a glorious day.

– I’m not sure whether it because the Robot is getting lots of fun times but he’s in an incredibly good mood this week. Long may it continue.

– I survived soft play with my two littles for 3 hours with great company to while away the time. Having other toddlers to play with helps.

This weekend Dave is finally having a proper break and I think we’re going to attempt our first camp as a family of four. Fingers crossed for nice weather and good moods! Have a good week..


  1. Mother of 3

    It looks like you had a lovely time at the shore! I too tend to avoid crowds and find a place where we can relax and play in relative peace. #familyfunlinky

  2. That is a lot of exciting outings. It sounds like you are definitely into potty training and a great time of year for it too. Loving the round of the railway place you visited with play area too and wow to the beach day with all that space to yourselves. The joy of paddling in the sea is some of the fondest memories I have with mine as little ones.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
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