N is for Nature Hunt

We do love to get outdoors and do things and now the Robot is older his walks often mean going slow and pointing out everything. Putting this to good use one day we decided to go on a bit of a toddler nature hunt.

A Nature Hunt

Equipping the Robot with a small bag I told him what we were doing. He loved the bag and was quite intent on just filling it with stones. It wasn’t until I kept showing him different leaves, sticks, flowers that he really got into it.

the robot collecting leaves in his bag on our nature trail

We went on a little trail around where we live and even managed a little puddle stomping on route. The best thing we (I should say I) found were a couple of feathers. He really liked these and tried to find his own.

He was really funny towards the end of the walk, his bag wasn’t quite full but started refusing anything else new. He normally loves a pine cone but he refused for it to be in his bag. Toddler logic prevails!!

When we got home I got the Tuff spot out so we could lay out our finds for Mummy to photograph…

a show of all the nature we collected - leaves and stones and flowers and feathers

A nice little collection and it doesn’t have to stop there.  I did forget to take many more photos but you can make collages with some glue and sticking.  Make paper plate windows.  Creatures and shapes.  Colour matching and more…

a paper plate with sticky plastic on with the robot sticking leaves on

He was still excited by the feather later in the evening and it was the first thing he told his Daddy about when he got home!!  How have you got on with a nature hunt before?  It’s a bit different to a scavenger hunt because its a pick up any thing rather than from a list!! Hope you can have a go at this soon!



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