Mother’s Day treats?

We had a mini break this weekend. I really do like going away but boy can it be stressful! I left you Saturday afternoon about to go away for the night to Earby YHA.  Packing was quick and for one night away I felt like I packed for a fortnight.  So much stuff, the travel cot, blankets, clothing for all, the list goes on and it’s all very haphazard no real structure just chaos. On returning home most of it was untouched!

The room we had was ultra tiny so travel cot took over and it meant some night time acrobatic miracles.  To get out the room we had to slide the cot back and forth, thankfully the Robot slept through this initially. His midnight wake up however turned into a two hour saga!  He had milk, I put him back down, then he chatted, and chatted, and squeaked.  My bladder protested, I had to slide the cot to get out the room, the door squeaked, Robot continued chatting.  Door squeaked on return.  Dave sat up on the top bunk watching the Robot squeak, slide cot back.  Lights out, the Robot chatted a little quieter.  Light goes on, Dave gets off of top bunk, Robot squeaks excitedly.  Dave says, I need the toilet too, looks at me, looks at cot, wonders how to get out of the door.  My solution is to say, “i’d totally wee in the sink if I could’ve done!”.  Dave wees in sink.  Gets back into bed, lights out.  The Robot cries.  Dark cuddles with Mummy.  More squeaking, and finally sleep.  This felt like an eternity.

Our tiny hostel room
Our tiny hostel room

On Saturday, the Robot slept through lunch and in the interest of time ended missing solids.  Tea was late as a family were cooking 6 pizzas in the tiny members kitchen. So the Robot was becoming a melt down milk monster by the time we ate.  Every thing about Earby YHA was small.  The high chair however was HUGE!  Not little baby friendly, so feeding time was just a big old pain.  We got through it but it stresses me out when the little man isn’t comfy!  The most annoying thing is we have a travel high chair and we just forgot to bring it!!

After getting the Robot to sleep I spent Saturday evening drafting some blog posts on the WordPress app. Let’s face it apart from leaflets to read there isn’t much else to do at hostels except go to bed early! 2 hours later I discovered that most the work I had done did not save so wasted my time! The words a 2nd time round will be funnier!

Putting all the stress aside, the weather was great for Winter, and we got to go on a couple of lovely walks.  Sunday morning I made too much porridge.  It’s powerful stuff, and we both got hot sweats from the amount of energy our bodies wanted to burn, we powered up the hill in the morning!

Family Selfie

On arriving back to the car my little Robot had left me a card in the car to wish me Happy Mothers Day!  I know it was Dave who left it there but still, it’s from my baby!  Nice touch and plenty of cuddles from both boys.


We stopped off on the way home for a bite to eat at a cafe.  We’ve gone past the we can take our Robot out to eat places now!  He’s so loud and fidgety, not crawling yet he tries to launch himself off of us and grabs everything!  We ate and drank quickly and scampered.

Arriving home, back to reality, the washing goes on, the roast beef goes in and I got to have a 1 hour bubble bath >>>> Oh yes I did, pure uninterrupted bubbles for a whole hour!! <<Mother Day treat>>

On a slightly different note, our Little Robot turned 8 months old this weekend too.  It’s too quick!!

Things I’m going to vow to do before we next go away:

  • Devise a bomb proof packing list
  • Make sure we get a bigger room
  • Bring the travel high chair
  • Not go out to eat

If anyone has a holiday packing list please email me!! Or tips on holidays please comment.


Pink Pear Bear
My Petit Canard


  1. I feel your pain with the travel cot. We went on a caravan holiday last year and it was so difficult! The only place it would fit was the living room meaning everyone had to trot off to bed as soon as baby was asleep, sometimes at 7/8pm, oops! Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. I HATE sharing a hotel room with the kids, no-one sleeps! It does look crazy cramped in there though. Good call on the sink peeing, I’d have told my hubby to do the same! Thankfully we get to seriously streamline our packing now. I remember it being a nightmare in the early days though, looks like you had a lovely time despite it all. Thanks for linking up. #bigpinklink

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