Missing the First Word

Did I really just miss my sons first word?

We all love the milestones of our children and today for the first time Dave has taken full care of the Robot for the whole day.   We had a heart to heart last week and I said that I would share with you what this was.  I have a whole blog post planned to tell you all about it but I guess I am going to let slip a bit today.

We are in a good position that means that Dave is able to look after the Robot one day a week as well as have the weekend off.  I’ve always been the one to take care of our son and I love it but I needed something else for me.  I left my job at the end of my maternity and it is a decision I am really happy with.  So now I have one day a week that is mine all mine to do with what I want…   okay that isn’t our agreement, I have to seek out some form of other income.   These ideas will follow but todays post isn’t about that.

Daddy day careThe robot is stood up on daves knee. they are both looking out of the train window.

This is a term Dave uses so I don’t mind typing it here.  It really isn’t daycare though, he’s just being a parent to his son.  No daycare about it.   I’m sat upstairs typing this post while he looks after the Robot.  I can here them playing and crashing about the living room.  It’s really lovely to hear.

The Robot is going through a really clingy phase and we’ve been worrying about how he’ll cope without me all day.  Turns out he is absolutely fine.  I have been on hand for any traumas (there were none) and we got in some sneaky boob time too.

About 30 minutes ago though they came upstairs to tell me what they’ve done all day.  With a cup of tea too, extra Brownie points.   They’ve been on the train to Arnside and back.  My answer was so you didn’t stop there?  No, Dave took him to the train station to see the trains and then decided to get on it, went a couple of stops, changed platforms and then came back again.  Apparently the Robot was very snuggly throughout!  What ever floats your boat!

Then the first word bomb shell hit…

Dave is stroking a black and white cow on the footpath

Have you ever heard him say cow before?   They’d gone for a walk down to the canal and Dave was showing him the cows and apparently he said cow.   Nooooo, does that count as a first word?  If I wasn’t there to hear it?  We get loads of da da da das and mum mums from him but cow is different.  I feel a little cheated with missing this.  It’s only a cow though and might just be a sound?

My desire to have a bit of time to work on me has made me miss a milestone.

What’s in a milestone?

I’ve sat and thought about this though, there has been plenty of times in the last year when Dave has said to me, “did you know he crawled like that?”, “did you hear that noise he made?”, “look at him smile!”, ” he is lovely isn’t he?”.    My usual reply is yes, he’s been doing that for a few weeks, it made me realise that I’ve not been sharing this important milestones with Dave.

This time Daddy, you get one in the bag.

Even though it may just be a sound over a word, Dave I’ll let you have this parenting moment!

I’ll be going to see the cows daily now until he does it again. He he.

How do you celebrate your milestones?  Do you have some good first words?


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  1. Ha ha!! I am not even sure what Js first word was because he so gradually progressed from sounds to actual meaning and several happened at once but one day it just occurred to me that these were actual words. The first time he said mummy (maman) was really special though especially since it came with no warning as he has never even said mamamama like most babies do! I worry about missing stuff while he is at nursery so at least R is with one of his parents for all his milestone moments still, just tough it happened on the first time away from you xxxxx
    Laura recently posted…Scottish Highlands : A family AdventureMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks for your comment Laura! We’ve since had tea and sat down and shown pictures of cows to the Robot. Dave now says he might be wrong and it wasn’t Cow he said! So any other readers of this post will get this far and feel cheated in the first word debarkle too! laughing out loud!

  2. Aw I totally feel for you, I am going back to work on Monday and last night I broke down, as I’m terrified I’m going to miss something crucial in Emma’s development. It’s such an odd feeling but I guess we have to accept that we can’t be there all the time, even though we’d like to be. Wonderful post, such a great point as I’m guilty of forgetting to share milestones with my other half xx
    Bridie By The Sea recently posted…VLOG: The Blogger TagMy Profile

  3. Ah bless you…Mr Husband actually said to me “you know he can climb into his high chair” this morning, and I felt so bad because the kid has been doing that for months and I never thought to tell him! He looked so proud – SOB! I work full time and sometimes think our nanny is reluctant to tell us when the kid does a “first” but actually I would love to know while I’m trying to stay awake at my desk. Preferably with a little video!! x

  4. Aww it is realy sad isn’t it? But I think like you say, we are lucky enough to see and hear much more than dads, so we have to give them something occasionally! I am not sure what mine’s first words were. My daughter spoke very fluently very early and just seemed to talk without any baby talk in between. Whereas my son has had the baby talk going for a long time and I never knew what counted (how clear does it have to be to count, does any word count etc – a bit like you)! I love that you are getting a day to yourself – lucky you! I can’t wait to hear what you have planned! #familyfun
    chocolateandwineandillbefine recently posted…Apple Picking!My Profile

  5. Reading through some comments I see that it might have just been a sound. If that was the case I hope you get to hear his first word, and I don’t mean to leave hubby out. It’s just that as a mom who is with their baby all day these milestones are crazy special. We spend all of our time teaching them and when you see it pay off its rewarding, just like a pat on the back for hubbys at work. I was horrible at telling my hubby milestones with our middle child, but with our baby William I am boasting about what I have been teaching him the second he walks in the door. I feel for the dads. #familyfun
    Kidscoffeeandchaos recently posted…Things I Have Learned To Do One HandedMy Profile

  6. It is nice to share your children’s milestones with your partner, but each of us will have our own experience! My husband sees the kids do some things and I see others. It’s not a first until you’ve seen it is my opinion! Mostly because I still refuse to recognise that my younger son’s “real” first steps were at daycare. My little one is starting to say lots of words now, but I’m pretty sure his first was “cat”. #FamilyFun

  7. I feel bad because I can’t remember what my older two children’s first word were. *Bad mum alert* Our youngest is 14 months and she tries to say a few words – melon (she sticks her tongue out for the l sound, it’s so cute), nana (banana), brrr (bird), tat (cat). We’re getting there…
    Alice Soule recently posted…Crap MountainMy Profile

  8. That’s sad you missed it but it’s going to happen. I’m pretty sure my daughter did things for the first time at nursery. But I’ve tried to just focus on the fact that she’s done them rather than I’ve missed them. The first word is a biggie…but he was with his Dad. There will be more and more words coming now so you’ll hear those! Every development in their speaking is exciting so you’ve got plenty of awesome times to come. #FamilyFun
    Angela Watling recently posted…30 Days Blogging – Day 7: My plans, dreams and goalsMy Profile

  9. My daughter’s first proper word was ‘spoon’. Yes, spoon. Your post has made me realise just how many of the firsts I’ve seen, and how many my husband has missed. And I’m guilty of not always sharing them with him too.

    Hope all your trips to see the cows pay off! #familyfun

  10. It can be so hard missing these little moments. My husband works away 10 weeks at a time and there are so many that he misses. Every time a new one hits I feel slightly sad that he missed it, so I always have the camera at the ready. He did witness both kids first steps though which is great. Having a day to yourself every week sounds fantastic, can’t wait to hear more about it x

  11. Love this – sod’s law says any milestone will be reached whilst at Nana’s, at Nursery or with Daddy!
    I’m sure both of our girl’s first words were Dada. I have no idea what their 2nd words were – isnt that terrible. Probably Muma, but I’m really not sure.. !!
    Big love, L

  12. Oh yes you’re right, Mark is always saying to ‘did you know…’ To which I always say yes! I’ve never really thought about it properly but they are missing a lot really. That being said I am loving the sound of your you day, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think I could definitely do with one of those. I hope it continues to go so well and that your trip to true cows is fruitful hehehe xx #familyfun
    Tammymum recently posted…Living with a 15 year oldMy Profile

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