Mirror Play

Mirror Play

Ever since the Robot was a very little squishy one we’ve always enjoyed a little bit of fun with mirrors.  I think it’s the fascination of seeing himself.   I used to position him under his play gym mirror, he would always grab at it.  Then when a little older we’d stare into the bathroom mirror.

If you can, get a mirror down low so they can get at it. At our local Sure Start centre we have one and it’s always been great to use, or attack.

Robot facing a mirror with one hand placed against the glass as if tapping.

It’s when they notice you and can see everyone else in the room.  Quite brilliant to watch the smile on their face.

Then of course they like to show off. Cue clapping and waving. This just gives me an excuse to share this video again…

Items such as CDs and other reflective objects are also good.  Shop windows too.

Last of all they can always love themselves…

The Robot leaning in to kiss the mirror

What has been your experience with mirrors?

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  1. What a fun challenge! My niece would sit and stare at herself in the mirror for hours. We didn’t have one low down so it was a good arm workout to hold her up while she stared at herself out in total confusion for hours! #familyfun

  2. Oh so cute!! TM loves it when we stand in front of a mirror or if I take a selfie of us now, he gets all excited and smiles loads. So cute! Is it around 10 months that they start to realise it’s actually them in the mirror? I think TM thinks he has found a friend!!! Robot is just so sweet, I know I always say it but awwww. Love the video. #triballove #FamilyFun

  3. Aaah, lovely. When my daughter was little we had a full length mirror on its side on her floor. She used to love lying or sitting and watching herself. Now she’s coming up to three, but still loves checking herself out in the mirror! #kcacols

  4. Oh I agree I think mirror play is fantastic, both my babies used to chuckle at themselves and try and reach out to touch the mirror. Although now my older one (who isn’t even two yet) like to check out her outfit in the mirror and pose…no idea where she got that from… Ps robot is a total cutie – love the cardie xxx #KCACOLS #triballove xx
    Tammymum recently posted…Converting your loft space. My Profile

  5. Oh my goodness isn’t watching them play with a mirror the best thing ever. My favorite is when mine started making silly faces to crack himself up. We have a huge mirror and counter in our main bathroom where we let him play for a few minutes after bath time. I love that you have one on the floor like that. Would be so much fun. He is adorable! #KCACOLS #TribalLove
    Sarah@teammomlife recently posted…5 things I learned from my first month bloggingMy Profile

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