Mini Hoop Swap

Without trying to bore you with my new-found love of Instagram I wanted to tell you about a mini swap that took place back in April.

The Mini Hoop Swap

For those of you unaware, the lovely sewing community on Instagram arrange fairly frequent swaps between each other all over the world. Swapping home-made presents and fun things with each other. Honestly, if you like making and receiving fun surprise things this is a good thing to get into!

Ali Burden @msaliburden organised a mini Hoop Swap. This is a 2″ embroidery Hoop with a design inspired by the recipients brief. When you sign up to a swap you get asked what sorts of things you like. If you say you love cats licking wool balls chances are your swapper is going to try make you that!

I however did not and left my brief fairly relaxed and colourful. My recipient was Pascal, she mentioned loving rainbows and Harry Potter. What fine choices! I hope one of my kids like Harry Potter one day so I can read it again!

My Mini Hoop Design

Being 2″ it’s the perfect size for me to enter my scrap box. I picked out strips of colour to make a rainbow and patched them onto some cloth so that I could then do some embroidery on top.

I scoured the internet for inspiration on the Harry Potter part of the brief. Not convinced I could do some elaborate stitching I stumbled across the Deathly hallows symbol and I decided this was perfect for my Mini Hoop.

I drew it in water-soluble pen and stitched the motif over the top. Attached to the top of the rainbow then used my metallic rainbow coloured thread to quilted wave lines onto the rainbow.

Here it is:

I’m glad to say it was greatly received and a good job well done.

My Hoop Swap

During the challenge you can follow the hashtag that belongs to the challenge to keep up with everyone else’s makes. I had ogled at Sandy’s from @secondhanddaisy colourful geometric design as she made it…

All the way from America arrived said Mini Hoop:

It is from Sandy and I really love it. Thank you very much!

My 2nd swap complete!

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