Do I Experience Mindfulness While Exercising?

If you are a regular reader of the blog you’ll know that I get out most days and get some form of exercise.  Walking is great exercise and is what I do most days.  Often with the Robot in tow too.

I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness lately partly because Mindful Mummy Mission is linking up to #abrandnewday each week (thank you).

Sunset from our tent on Inverie

I’m really interested in some of the concepts behind being mindful and I probably practice it without even knowing.  Exercise, and just getting out the house to be with nature is important to me and my family.  With this in mind I decided to think about what it is that I actually think about while exercising. Do I clear my mind and zone out or not?   Am I mindful?  Here I go:


The love of my life is right there at the top of my list. Normally I have The Robot with me, if not he’d make the top of my list.  I met Dave 7 years ago you can read how here.  He is my rock.  My main cause of thought is whether he is ok.  What would he like for tea, whether he got any thing out the freezer, is he planning on cooking! When will he get home. Basically all of these, but also with a little bit of underlying worry.

He works so hard and looks after us really well, I worry he’s stressed, I worry when he’s tired, I worry he isn’t happy.  I talk to him often about all of this and he does assure me that I shouldn’t.  He can’t stop me though!  Keeping the lines of communication open is the key to our relationship.

Dave with the Robot on his shoulders looking out over a loch with mountains in the distance and white fluffy clouds


The Robot does spend most, if not all his time with me.  There is the odd occasion when Dave is home though that i get to don my trainers and head out alone for a bit of a run or a bike ride.  He’s my little precious and from the minute he was born to the age of one he is now I have loved every minute.  I have similar thoughts to that of Dave, revolving around food!  I think I am a secret feeder, but if I didn’t think about feeding then we’d just not function.  I really like to cook nice healthy meals for my men in my life!  One of the other things I think about is what is next, what are we going to do next, I like to fill our days with fun.


Sometimes I feel like my head is one big blog post.  As I walk along I write blog posts in my head, come up with new ideas.  I get frustrated sometimes that I have no means of writing down ideas.  Sometimes though this helps, because it means I can keep writing in my head!  By the time I get home I don’t forget and I make the notes in my phone.   Blogging has made me more aware of my surroundings, looking at things to photograph and


My mind wanders over to my extended family.  My parents, brother and long-term friends.   Often it’s because I haven’t made the time to ring them and a little bit of guilt seeps in that I should get in touch with them.  Since starting my blog I have talked to my brother more, this has been nice. He’s an interest in blogging and is often giving me advice, Alex, just start your own blog! Now, don’t think, just do!

Woman walking away from us on the bridge

Eventually I do start to zone out and before I know it I’ve walked/jogged/run/limped longer than I’d anticipated.  It’s a nice feeling when I get back home again.  Whether this is classed as mindfulness I just don’t know.  It’s just a nice feeling!

What do you do to zone out? Do you make time to exercise?





  1. I think you kmow me/my blog quite well Karen… For me, exercise and mindfulness is vital. Be it a run, swim, meditation or reiki. I DO notice when i ‘slack’. Meditation is so important for me because it helps me focus and stops me worrying and getting anxious. It als o helps keep depression at bay, which i experienced years ago… Great little post. My gratitude journal os great for me too!
    Carol Cameleon recently posted…How to use hashtags to promote yourselfMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I’ve always been the same with walking, but it must be doing something as I’ve walked everywhere the last year with the Robot and I’ve lost all me pregnancy weight and a little bit more. It’s just not high impact so you don’t realise.

  2. Walking is my main form of exercise AND relaxation. It’s actually a form of total escapism for me, instead of thinking about day to day stuff I use this time to let my thoughts go completely and usually end up in my own little dream-world scenarios 🙂 Most days I get home and couldn’t even tell you what I’ve been thinking about but I always feel more relaxed and raring to face the day. #abrandnewday
    Mess and Merlot recently posted…Shove your spiralizer – I’m older and wiserMy Profile

  3. I don’t really get much time to myself, like most moms. So I think I probably do mindfulness the most right before bed when I’m by myself trying to forget about all the worry of the day and try to focus on something calming to get ready to turn my brain off for bed. It’s so hard though. Often time I end up full of anxiety. Thanks for hosting #Abrandnewday
    Sarah@teammomlife recently posted…DIY Wreaths for SummerMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Mums are busy people so finding any time is quite hard. Im with you, at bed time my wind can be whirring sometime. I’ve started to switch all tech off an hour before bed and just chill out. seems to work. Then the baby wakes up when I go to bed recently! Need to break that habit!

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