Message in a Bottle – A Personalised children’s adventure book

I’m quite excited to share with you A Message in a Bottle.  It is a uniquely personalised children’s adventure book for your little ones.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story is jam-packed with adventure geared up around the owner of the book.   The children’s author Tom Percival and illustrator Tuire Siirainen are creating a wonderful children’s book that I think any child would love to own.



The story follows a little bird Kiki through 40 pages of adventures in her attempts to deliver a message in a bottle back to the owner.  There is one thing for sure, that we love an adventure here and if there is anything that will get the Robot engaged in a book it will be this!



Why am I so excited?

You may have noticed their badge on my sidebar the last month or so.  I belong to their book launch team and have had the opportunity to get involved in some elements of the design and ideas with the book.  I’ve really enjoyed watching the book evolve and I am really excited to own my own.  Well, let the Robot own one anyway! I got given a personalised book when I was a child and I still own it.  It’s very tatty now but I still like to take a look at from time to time.  I’d like the Robot to have one of his own too.

I know he is still young now but there are so many exciting things that go with the book too, the team have created Kiki’s Kids Club and I hope that when he is old enough he would want to get involved too.


The team behind the book need our help to raise funds for the book.  Go and have a look at Kick Starter campaign here and pledge your support.

We’re looking forward to the book being launched, are you?


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