Message in a Bottle

A while ago I wrote about the launch of Message in a Bottle.  Well, after months and probably years of work the team at Message in a Bottle have finally launched their book!   I answered an advert to be part of their book launch team and have been involved in the production of the book.   It has been a pleasure to watch it transform into what is now a real book.

A real book that we now have a copy of!

Message in a bottle book about a little bird kiki delivering a bottle

A Message in a Bottle

Follow Kiki on her adventures around the world to achieve a very special aim…  To deliver a bottle, a special bottle, one with a message in.   This is a personalised book for whoever it is you love.  When you order the book you can put your child’s name, location and a personalised message.

All throughout the book Kiki refers to the child and where she is trying to get to.   I’m trying not to give a spoiler but the personalised message goes in the bottle so when Kiki finally finds your child they get to read it!

The book itself is beautiful, Tuire and the team have done an amazing job in making something that is going to be a memorable keepsake for many years. Not only is it beautiful though it is a really good quality print, the colours are vibrant, the pages feel nice and I couldn’t be happier with it.Scary pages

A real sense of adventure

We love the sense of adventure in the book.  Here you have a little bird who lives on an Island that chooses to travel the world to deliver a bottle.  She gets lost, finds friends and much more.   There are some really lovely characters throughout and ones that you can go on to meet online in Kiki’s Kids Club.

A Message in a Bottle personalised book is truly magical for little ones. Follow Kiki on her journey around the world to deliver a bottle.

The Robot is a little bit too young to appreciate the story at the moment.  He has already had a good flick through and I have had fun pointing out all his favourite animals.  I’ll be putting it away in his book stash for him to get out again and again in the future.

The Perfect Gift

This book is really the perfect gift for any child.  It’s personalised and unique to them and would be something they would treasure I would hope for life.  I know we will be.

The book is super easy to order and you can do so on their website.   Whats more the first 10 readers from my blog who order from them using the code: KQDD8X will get an amazing 15% off.

I do hope you enjoy.

We received a free copy of the book to review and as being part of the Message in a Bottle launch team.  All opinions as usual are my own.




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