Mess Free Finger Painting

Mess Free Finger Painting

If you saw my blog last week you’ll have read about my disastrous attempt at painting with the Robot.  If you’ve been reading my blog a while, I have many attempts at painting with him.  I live in hope that he’ll one day love to paint just like his Mummy does.   We tried Mess Free Finger Painting back in April, again this didn’t really work.  Today we’re trying it again.

With a step by step process… pictures this time.

  • Hide the baby/toddler away while you set this activity up.  A cage cot is ideal.  Aka nap time.
  • Find some paper.
  • Lay paper on to a table, in our case a bench.
  • Tape it down so it doesn’t move.
  • Add splodges of poster paint to the paper.
  • Very carefully stretch cling film over the paint and paper.
  • It’s fairly easy but having 4 pair of hands may be a bonus.
  • I didn’t need to tape the cling film down but you may need too if the film doesn’t stick to your table.
  • Let your child out of the cage and dress them up in a shirt to prove how clean this activity is.

Robot staring over the splodges of paint with cling film over

  • If they don’t investigate properly then you may want to show them what to do.
  • Prod the paint and make it move.
  • Mix it with nearby colours.

Robot poking the clingfilm paint with his finger. still very much splodges of paint

  • Get really obsessed with it yourself as it feels amazing.
  • Mix up the colours as below.

the paint is splodged into a pattern, robot is leaning over it

  • Keep this up for as long as they are entertained.
  • You can finish mixing it all up while they play with the lego.
  • Depending on how sentimental you are you could peel the cling film off and let it dry out for the fridge.
  • I rolled it all up and put it straight in the bin.

It really is that easy!   So easy I made you a video of the Robot taking part…

We enjoyed this one! Did you?


  1. I did this with the twins when they were tiny- another way to do this is to put the paint inside a large gallon sized ziplock bag and then tape it on all four sides to a table or a window on a sunny day.

    I out a piece of paper inside the bag and took it out to dry once they twins were done smearing.


  2. What an amazing idea! My boy is quite good at ‘painting’ with a brush but this looks like a really fun activity and something different for us to do. Robot looks like you enjoyed it 🙂 xx #familyfun

  3. Messy play still makes me incredibly nervous, I’d be in fear of the cling film tearing or coming lose and paint going everywhere. That being said I think I could cope if I did this on a piece of board I wasn’t bothered about and then on a plastic mat on the floor. I could even buy a cheap piece of mdf to use that could then be stored away for next time. You have me thinking now!
    Alana – Burnished Chaos recently posted…Monthly Bucket List – November 2016My Profile

  4. This is brilliant! I kept meaning to read this ever since it hit my Inbox but never got around to it. So, finally got the chance today to read and watch the video too. Robot is super adorable and I love how he goes straight to the paints as soon as he comes in. What a cutie!
    I also like the whole execution of this activity. If only I had a bench like that. I have a small table and maybe I can use that one of these days to surprise my toddler. Thanks for this creative idea. Loved it. #familyfun

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you Suchitra, I wish I had a little table that we could use but we don’t hence the benches! They are really quick at spotting new things in rooms that they spend a lot of time in!! Try it I hope she likes it.

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