Merry Hexmas 

Merry Hexmas? I hear you ask? Yes. It’s all gone a bit hexagonal in my head the last couple of months! Now it’s Christmas it seems to have got worse.  For the good of my sanity.

The world of Instagram has alluded me in the past but ever since setting up a new “craft” based account (Two Tiny Makes) I’m obsessed.  I do almost everything on my phone and all the apps have an order, the Instagram button is up top now.  There is a whole new community of lovely people to get to know. I’m actually loving it.

It’s fair to say that I don’t have much time to sew at the moment.  My poor sewing machine is gathering dust.  When the Robot was little I managed to teach myself to crochet while breastfeeding. It was good but sewing is my thing.  I’ve discovered Hexagons though, English Paper Piecing…

A small piece of fabric shaped to be a hexagon to join with other hexagons to make something new.  New and exciting.  While scrolling through Instagram I spotted a mini challenge by @naiomi for a mini fussy cutting sew along. It was 14 days of mini hexagon flowers following a daily theme.

There are a million sew along projects on the go in the sewing community but often lasting months. This little challenge seemed doable amongst the fact baby 2 was due at the same time.

baby cloe covered in hexies

It was so much fun, learning a new skill. Getting to know some other sewing folk and getting to create something.  It’s so small it can be picked up and put down again with ease.  Perfect when attending to small people.  The even best thing is it can be done while breastfeeding. Game changer!!

Roll on Christmas and we had another sew along for the 12 days of Christmas.  Equally as brilliant as the first and means I now own a variety of Christmas fabrics.

all my hexies of christmas goodness

For those of you who are Instagrammers go and search the hashtag #hexies… They are addictive for all that see and sew them. I’m addicted!

It’s all good, it’s giving me a small scale creative outlet.  This is totally what I need right now in order to maintain some sort of level of self.  Being a parent to two small people totally steals your identity and ability to be yourself. Amongst sleep deprivation and caring for ALL their needs it’s easy to get lost.  Finding time for yourself is almost impossible, there is no moment to be alone, especially with a new born. They consume you.

Even though I only have a few minutes to spare here and there during the day, sewing and seeing my finished 10cm (ish) piece of hexie glory makes me feel accomplished.  It seems daft it makes me sew happy, but it does.

all my hexies of christmas goodness

My next job is to start an #ispy quilt for the kids.  Lots of hexies all with different images to play the game I-spy with.  Each hexie will be no bigger than 1″ and most will be 1/2″ ones.  It could take a while but that’s okay as I think it could take a while to accumulate the fabric.

What are your addictions? Do you have a good balance between the parent/non-parent world?


This looks like it might be my last blog post before Christmas, if this is the case I wish you lots of warm and love.  Have a brilliant time, don’t be alone and most importantly enjoy.  Karen x

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