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Welcome to #FamilyFunLinky Week 39

Family Fun is for all bloggers of all shapes and sizes. A supportive little community to share anything you want.  Once the link up ends on a Friday night you get to vote on your favourite blog posts to see if you’ll be a #FamilyFun Number One!

We’ve had a brilliant weekend visiting Dave’s parents and sister.   It is always nice to see them as we don’t get to see them that much.   Playing with train tracks, stones at the river and on the local play park.  The Robot doesn’t need much else!

When we got home we decided that we didn’t want to cook.  We loathe to get takeaway because it’s often rubbish and after seeing someone on the TV cook onion bahji a few weeks ago we were eager to have a curry.   We haven’t been out on an evening with the Robot much at all and favouring to opt for daytime meals.  He’s also not had a curry out.

We were very impressed with him, considering he isn’t two yet, he sat in a big boys chair, ate “big crips” (papadum), keema and veg rice, and tried some of Dave and mines sauces.  We were completely stuffed by the time we finished and I hope you can tell by the table-cloth that we all thoroughly enjoyed it:

The aftermath of a curry with a toddler - MESS every where!

That’s enough of me… on to all the important bits…

The Winner of “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One”

This weeks winner of “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One” goes to Angela from Life, Motherhood and Everything for Why I Took My Laptop On Holiday.  It’s always when you are dual parenting that you find the time to sit and type and if that means taking your laptop on holiday then so be it!  Well done you can pick up the badge code for your badge here.

My Featured Post

This week my featured post goes to Jeremy from Thirsty Daddy for The Pics Not Posted.  He really summed up my feelings over the last month or so.  It made me feel better that I am not alone and just reminded me that I just need to be sensible!!   Thanks for linking up, you can pick up the badge code for your badge here.

Click here to see Sarahs featured post.

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