Marcelle Medallion Quilt – A Finish

It was the middle of the night when I spotted the Marcelle Medallion Quilt on Instagram. Nicole from Saphre1964 was announcing a sewalong of the quilt pattern and I just had to join in.

Night time feeding has a lot to answer for when it comes to random purchases! The Marcelle Medallion Quilt just called to me though. It had a lot of opportunities to learn new techniques and as 2018 is the year to try new things it was ideal.

Pattern bought the next job was fabric choice. It was good timing on Aldi’s part because they had a selection of fat quarter bundles that had similar colours of blues of a bundle I received at Christmas. It was a decent selection to work my way through and I was determined to use it all and not buy any more fabric!

A circle of fabric blue and red

The thing with a medallion quilt is you do get going quite quickly because heck the centre is smaller but as I progressed through it I knew I would never finish the whole pattern. So I picked my Happy point at which I knew I would stop having learnt everything I had wanted without being soul destroyed trying to finish a border I never wanted to, those in the know it’s those pluses!!

Here’s the quilt all done and finished.

The Marcelle Medallion quilt - a big blue coloured patchwork quilt hung up

I used an old bedsheet for the back and I bound it in leftover scraps from all the colours in the quilt. I adore it and all the effort that went in to it.

So, what did I learn from the Marcelle Medallion?

Foundation Paper Piecing

The central Medallion was pieced with paper where you sew the fabric to the paper on the correct lines leaving sharper more precise points. I didn’t like this at first but have since started to use this technique for piecing more often.

Flying Geese

These took for flipping ever! I’d always admired them from afar in other people’s work and was keen to give it a go. They are great once done!


Piecing together those tiny little triangles over and over again. Having really only done patchwork with squares before now this one was interesting!!

Free Motion Quilting

This was a definite first and one I just went for without much practice. I love doing it and wish I had the time to do it better and practice more so even though I won’t be doing it again any time soon I will one day. I used white thread on blue so you can really see my quilting on the back!

the back of my marcelle Medallion quilt - blue back with white stitches

Colour/Pattern use

Having never really worked with patterned material before doing this was an interesting challenge. I had to be brave and bold, I did ask for help on Instagram and was told put in a plain strip but not wanting to buy anything else I stuck with my gut and went floral! It was extremely interesting!!

There you have it a finished quilt. Now on to my next project.. Maybe I’ll get my 100 blocks finished next!!?

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