Marcelle Medallion A Start

Marcelle Medallion

The rabbit hole of the Quilty Instagram world has led me down a path I didn’t mean to recently. I spotted a sewalong for this Marcelle Medallion Quilt hosted by Nicole. I was smitten instantly.

It’s a beautiful pattern of points and techniques I’m interested in trying. So in the middle of the night during a baby CABS feed I signed up with no real thought as to when I would have time to complete the challenge. You can buy the pattern here.

It’s a big quilt and I probably didn’t have enough fabric to complete it and even at this stage I’m not sure I still do. Luckily though that Aldi had their craft event on and they had a good blue and red range that fits with the blue fat quarters I got from my secret Santa at Christmas. These are what I have to play with:

A circle of fabric blue and red

Next up is to start to plan my colour scheme. You can get a colouring sheet to practice ideas. As the centre medallion is the first phase of the sewalong, this is what I coloured first:

A colouring sheet of fabric

This year is all about the learning and growing new skills and one big reason for choosing this project. The centre medallion can be sewn using foundation paper piecing, a technique I’ve been keen to try. It involves using a paper version of the pattern and sewing the fabrics to the paper in a certain order to achieve the finished block.

The points are crisper and the effect is neater but I felt the waste scrap fabrics were higher. I’m over the moon with my result:

Marcelle Medallion

After the medallion it’s on to the borders and the first row is just plain. I didn’t follow the pattern measurements because I don’t have a long enough ruler! Instead opting to use the edge of my medallion to get the desired result:

Marcelle Medallion

The next row is the triangles, it took forever to piece these together to get the right length but it was definitely worth it!

Marcelle Medallion

My final stage for this blog is the next plain row. I’ve used a darker fabric to frame all the prettiness so far. I can’t stop looking at it as I’m in love:

Marcelle Medallion

There are still a fair few more rows to go so I’ll be doing a finish blog in a month or so but gosh I’m enjoying it. The next row is the flying geese, another technique I’m keen to learn so keep an eye on my Instagram feed to see my progress!

If you want to follow all the scrummy medallions then head over to the sewalong hashtag: #marcellemedallionqal2018


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