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Baby Wearing – My New Bag!

Baby Wearing – My New Bag! Ever since the Robot was 3 days old I’ve carried him, in slings, wraps, carriers, buckles, whatever you want to call them I’ve done it.  I love the closeness of baby wearing and the bond we’ve shared. This post is a sort of carry …

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Quilt Blocks -100 Day Challenge  

If you’ve followed Two Tiny Hands for a while now you might have noticed I quite like a challenge. 2017 has been a whole different challenge to the blog challenges I set myself in 2016, heck, I’ve grown a baby! Since discovering the wonders of the quilting world over on Instagram I have come across a few quilt block challenges that I really want to take part in next year.

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12 things I’ve learnt in my first month of quilting 

First month, well maybe that should say the first month of taking an interest in the quilting community…  A typical me announced myself as a bit of a crafter the other day.  One who lost her way a bit in the midst of child rearing through the early days. It’s …

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A Pipe Dream, Reality or Hobby?

Becoming a parent, one that stays at home, does something to your confidence, it wrecks it, at least mine anyway.  I feel like I’ve become a little bit socially awkward and I often stay away from situations where I’ve got to talk to people I don’t know.   That makes me …

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