M is for Mud Kitchen on a Budget

There are some pretty amazing Mud Kitchen creations out there! I have a whole board of them devoted on Pinterest page. I love them all and considering I have a plumber to help acquire some scraps I can’t quite bring myself to ask him to build me the Robot a cool kitchen in our garden.

The fact our garden is tiny is another reason but hey ho, I will not be getting a wood pallet mud kitchen any time soon.

Small Scale Mud Kitchen on a Budget

Now I’m not one to deprive the Robot of some fun and all the sun we’ve been having on and off recently means we have been in the garden a lot. He loves the act of just doing so I thought I’d get some things for a mini Mud Kitchen.

My first thought was raid our kitchen but we don’t have a lot and it would mean washing up after a play session. I needed something a bit more permanent. Here’s what I put together for under £10:

A selection of kitchen utensils all clean

I hit the charity shops first and got a whole load of utensils for stirring, whisking, mashing, scooping. Very cheap. I was looking for bowls but alas there were non. My local bargain store had a load of plastic ones, also jugs, and a basket to put it all in. All inexpensive and cost less than £10. Here’s a cheap toy if ever you wanted!

How did we get on with playing? Exactly how I envisioned. The Robot loves it. I got the Tuff spot out for him to play on. Lots of pouring and stirring to be had.

Robot pouring in the jugs and bowls

The mud just came from our garden, I didn’t give him masses and he was happy adding and digging up the gravel in our garden too. Adding a little bit of water to make it mushy.

all the kitchen utensils muddy and in a bowl ready to go

This is where the photos stop. Photography and mud do not go well. I abandoned it to save my camera. I’m always keen to help the Robot play so I got stuck in and helped him to some mud baking.

Once we’d finished we packed everything back up muddy and left the basket outside to be rained on. This in turn helped wash the equipment a bit and filled the bowls with water for the next session of play. I can’t decide if I recommend this or not but ever since the Robot has enjoyed going out in the garden to play with his equipment!

For something that cost less than £10 I can’t recommend enough. Maybe I should be starting to push for my dream pallet kitchen…

pinterest pin code with an image of a mud kitchen


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