Lots of Love this Week #abc123challenge

Normally I get to the end of the week and I feel really deflated and struggle to start these posts off with the enthusiasm it needs to get me going.  This week however I have loved.  Everything has just felt right.  Like it was meant to be.  I have loved it, the kids have loved it, I’ve been surrounded by people who have lifted my spirits and moved me along on their cloud.  Lots of exciting things have been happening too and you can read more in the happy bits.

Parenting should never be a solo act and if you are struggling alone always shout out because there is always someone who will be there.  Spread the love people.

The Happy Bits

Moments in my week that I am grateful for and want to be happy about.  Little things make a lot.

– Poor Dave is working weekends at the moment so I arranged to visit my non mum friends for bacon sandwiches at the park. Perfect place for the Robot to run free while I caught up with them all.

– After a follow from my Uncle on Instagram on Saturday morning I decided to call in on them on the way home.  It transpires it was about a year ago that I last visited him because I was 8 weeks pregnant last time I was there. Always great to catch up and find out the family news.

– Sun all be it brief at the weekend!

– My favourite Mini Stompers group in the woods was on again.  So nice to just play in the woods then because we hadn’t had enough outside we went for a trip to the farm.

Robot in a tunnel in the woods

– Cuddles on the sofa with my boys as CABS sleeps.

– Hanging out with friends.

– CABS taking to weaning very well.

cabs at tea time

– My Mum came for a sleepover as Dave was away on a course overnight. We did sewing!

– Found a new playgroup to go to which the Robot enjoyed and I think we will be sending him to nursery here in a September.

– I won a $50 prize for all the quilt designs I made.

– I reached #159 in the Tots Blogging chart and smashed the 500 followers over on my Instagram account.

– A whole day to just be me and CABS as Dave took the Robot off to do some fun.  I made a hat:

baby cabs in a snood hat

– A very special evening painting pottery with my Morecambe Bay Sling friends.  Bliss.  More on that when I get my painted mug back!  I painted it in the style of my prints in my etsy shop!

That’s it for this week.  I’m off to Carlisle today with the kids to go and meet up with Squirmy Popple as it’s fairly close and I’ve nothing better to do.  Have a good week.


  1. What a brilliantly busy week you’ve had. Congratulations on winning a prize for your quilt design. How fab that you get to meet up with a fellow blogger. I don’t think theres any that live close enough for me to meet with really. #FamilyFunLinky

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