Looking For The Moon

Looking for the moon had become one of my favourite activities to do with the Robot.  Every time we need a bit of fresh air we put on our coats and head outside to look for the daytime moon.  The best bit is that now baby Sister is here we can take her with us too!

Since we started looking for the moon in the daytime we rarely spot it but that really doesn’t seem to matter to the Robot.  There is way more exciting stuff to see on (consult the health app) the 2000 steps aka a mile walk that we go on.

Eeeks, a mile isn’t actually that long for me but when pregnant and then in recovery, it is the perfect length to go for a toddle. He walks the entire route and runs around the park at the end too, knowing he can manage this without a pick up makes life easier.

Back to the exciting stuff that makes looking for the moon less important… all the blooming drains!

A floor sign that says CATV

They’ve got letters on them and everything and the Robot knows it, the water ones are his favourite.  R for Robot, T for Thomas, A for All clear as the signal goes down, he’s obsessed with alphabet books and has memorised a few off by heart.

Next comes all the berries. It’s just a small bush but look Mummy all the berries!

Robot smelling at the berries

Followed swiftly by the small dairy farm up the road…

The RObot is stood a the farm gate looking in at the tractors and cows that are milling about in the yard.

It’s the beauty of where we live, in a town with countryside slotted in perfectly. The farm is nestled in the midst of a housing estate and always has cows milling about in the yard for milking.   Along with this, two seen better days tractors and all perfect eye candy for the Robot!!  One special occasion the farmer even let us see his new puppies.  It’s always a definite treat!!

After the excitement of the farm comes the appropriately named cow track.  It being the track the cows get to take to the fields.  It appeals to the Robot because one, its down hill and two, loads of stones that make him wobbly.  Often covered in cowpat it’s a small boys adventure!!

Almost forgot the windmill…

A long downwards track with a view over some fields to where a wind turbine is going.

You can see this wind turbine from almost everywhere we live but the top of the cow track has its best view. Another bonus to looking for the moon.  Made better with wind!  At the bottom of the hill you the have choices; over the bridge and gate, steps or ramp to canal.  I’ll take you down to the canal today.

The Robot and Dave are stood under the canal bridge so they can shout under it

That bridge, you can go under it! We love to shout echo, clap and scream under bridges.  We’re not sure where he’s picked it up from but the Robot says “Lecho”, which I think is cute.

Then it’s the trundle along the canal. This short section provides much entertainment that often finds me dragging the Robot on in search of ducks. He loves throwing sticks and stones in to make splashes but it does take forever!

Karen has cabs in a sling and is taking a selfie with Dave and the Robot in the background stood next to the canal
A rare selfie family moment!

Just before the park is another bridge full of “lecho” shouting fun.  Made more fun by the foot bridge where we scare some locals with our shouts!   Then said park, our go to port most days for a run about.

A short walk home later we’ve often whiled away a couple of hours. Lots of fresh air and an energy zapper.  All good recipes for a sleepy toddler at the end of the day!!

Have you got your favourite routes to walk with your kids?  Do you give them silly names like “Looking for the Moon”?


  1. Such a perfect distance and my goodness how things have moved on. I remember when Robot was in the back pack on your longer walks just coming out for a leg stretch when you stopped for a picnic. How different things are now with him managing the full mile all on his own. It is a privilege to watch this journey through your blog and what a lovely circular walk it is too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Country Kids 13th January 2018My Profile

  2. Looking for the moon is such a great idea for toddlers and having an urban farm near you is AMAZING for getting outdoors and experiencing nature with little ones. We would also love scaring footbridge walkers with ‘lechos’ too. You’re a fun-filled inventive Mummy! #CountryKids

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