The Little Lost Blogger

Once upon a time in a small town just outside Lancaster lived a little blogger.  She lived there with her partner and her little son Robot.  Everything was going okay until one day she found her self a little lost.  Her partner was away and her Robot was the only company she had.

The trouble with the Blogger and Robot was that they both had really snotty colds and both felt tired and awful.  This meant that all the fun things that they wanted to do just didn’t seem to be achievable.  An ever mounting list of things to get done stacked up all around them making things seem even further out of reach.


The hardest part for the Blogger was the never ending list of Blogging jobs to do.  They really weren’t a chore but things she wanted to do but just felt too poorly to accomplish.  All the ideas swimming about, written down, new things coming in at the speed of light, all making the Blogger panic that she’ll never be able to cope, catch up, the snot boggles taking over.

This is where we come into the story now,  the Robot soundly asleep on the sofa next to the Blogger, she took to writing, writing a story, this story!  She looked back in time to the reason she wanted to be a Blogger.  She remembered that she wanted to write, for fun, write to get better at writing.  She remembered that she had the Robot, and he was the reason she blogged. Lastly while the Robot sleeps peacefully, she has time.  All of these things have helped set her mind at peace pick up the laptop and just write.

It may not win any booker prizes and a word count of just about 300 means it’s no novel but this little story has helped.  It’s helped collect her thoughts, inspired her to organise her jobs list.  For now though she must rest her snotty head and live happily ever after!

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  1. Aww lovely wee post – made me smile (although not the illness bit obvs). I feel the same about not really being able to give blogging much attention during the half term holidays, but then I remind myself that it’s only a blog, there are more important things to be getting on with, like enjoying the time with these little people bumbling around the house driving me bonkers. Hope the sniffles clear up soon! #BloggerClubUK
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  2. Hope you feel better by now. I can totally relate to the hundred and one things going around in your head and the list of blogging jobs – mine seems never ending so much so that I have stopped writing a list. Although I do intend to start one again soon – get over whelmed, ignore it, and then decide to write another… lol. Love the little robot drawing, thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x
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