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If you told me I would ever be a life member somewhere I would have probably laughed at you. I assumed that things like life membership would be too expensive, well not the SYHA.
The Scottish Youth Hostel Association has life membership for £100.
Why do we want to be life members?
Since having Robot we have had 4 over nights in hostels and are planning more as it really is a convenient way to holiday with a small child.
The best thing about membership is that we have access to Youth hostels in Scotland and over 4,000 in 80 other countries around the world through Hostelling International.  At UK hostels you pay a £3 membership price on top of your bed price.  We just have to stay in a hostel 30 times to recoup our membership fee.  I think we will manage this.

My last little gem of information is that the English YHA offer cheap family rooms in the winter.  We stayed at a few over December and January.  It was brilliant to get away from the house a couple of nights.  It is warm and self catering makes it even cheaper!

A room costs on average £25, in the summer it’s normally £50+.
It’s not luxury but we like it.


  1. Julz

    What a really great idea,I’d never thought of doing a youth hostel get away. Well he kind of have many years ago for our wedding,as a place to house a good few of us.
    But have never really looked into more.
    Having just had our last child,this could be an option.


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