The Letter X #ABC123Challenge

#ABC123Challenge The Letter X

the letter X challenge dice

The letter X is the one in the challenge that causes a lot of concern from the start!  Xylophones always come up on my list of words each time I ponder this letter.  Not that I want to use this it’s just the only X word that always springs to mind!  I hope that you can come up with a good one for the abc123challenge. The end is nearly in sight.  If you are joining in then make sure you head over to the hashtag to see what else everyone is coming up with.

If you are here for #FamilyFun then I am ever so sorry.  We’re taking a little break over the Summer and are planning on being back in September.  We hope you have a brilliant Summer and we will see you then.  If you would like to join our email reminder list for when we get back please sign up here:


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