Lets schedule some me time

It has come to my attention almost 8 months on that I have had very little time to myself.  Don’t get my wrong I really enjoy spending time with my boys, little & big, so I don’t actually mind.  The past couple of weeks though I have failed to give myself some head space, 30 minutes away on my own with out interruptions.


Even when the Robot switches off at nap time I don’t get a break, there is always endless tidying, food preparing, washing to do!  Now I want to make time to fit in a little blogging too.  My mind is always in action mode!

Yesterday I decided to do something about it.  I didn’t play on the computer all day for blogging related projects, I wanted to give myself time to reflect and think about what is next.  Of course I had a the obligatory scroll through twitter & facebook feeds while feeding my Robot, what else do you do while sofa trapped!

We had a Sunday roast at my Mums house, spur of the moment I sprung the fact that Robot & Gran were staying here, Dave & I are going for a walk!  Big steps, as I’ve never left my Robot with my Mum before… Ok, don’t laugh, we went for a 20 minute walk, but a little bit of time for us was nice.

On a roll and just at dusk time (I love lighter nights), I sprung an impromptu run on Dave, aka, you look after Robot, I’m going out for a walk/jog/limp! It cleared my head a bit, so that was brilliant.

I need to do this more often. So a good task to do this week will be to work on my scheduling.  What, Why, How, When, Where.  It may be a pointless exercise in the end as a fast growing baby may have different ideas!

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