Let’s Get Back On It, Happy Days and Bits and Bobs

With one more week of the summer holidays left to go I think it’s about time we get back in and onto the blog. I had every intention on writing about what we’ve done this summer but as the time has gone, as I’ve got more and more into sewing my inclination has plummeted. So I’m not. If you’re a family or friend reading this and want to know what we’ve done pop me a message and I’ll tell you!!

One more week to go. One more week until I send my little Robot to nursery for the first time. He’s going to love it, he’s going to thrive. I’m going to be a better person because of it. Getting some time to be me with CABS in the days where he is there, recharge for the days when he’s with me. It’s our last year before real school together. I’m going to cherish every moment and looking at our happy is my way to record it:

Happy Days

This is the point of my week where I look back over the past week and pick out some of the moments that have made me happy.

– Starting the Free Motion Quilting of my Marcella Medallion Quilt. It was my first attempt but oh so fun.

– Being in the Kitchen and watching/listening to CABS and Robot playing and laughing in the Lounge.

– Getting baby CABS out on her bike seat for the first time.

baby cabs on a bike seat

– Going for a stroll as a family even though the rain was set. It wasn’t anything big but it was good to get out.

– Having some exciting news about a proposal from an Instagram friend. More to follow when it happens!

– Getting our craft on and building a multi storey car park!!

a toilet tube multi story car park

– Spending time at a play group, a rare thing in the holidays and the sun coming out for our picnic.

– The Robot finally perfecting his scooter.

– Seeing friends who have moved away and getting quality playing time in with no arguments or fuss.

– A friend inviting me for a drink after a bad day almost out of the blue. Much needed grown up time.

– The sun sticking around for a lovely family day out to Morecambe, splash park, biking and nice food.

Bits and Bobs

I’ve wanted to add a bits and bobs section to my round up for some time but the content I want to include is just not quite ready to go yet. This will hopefully be a place to share with you just some of the cool things I’ve seen on the net recently.

For today I’m going to leave you with a picture of my city sampler quilt top. 50 blocks done, another 50 to go:

fabric squares all layed out on the floor with the kids crawling over them

Hope you’re having a great bank holiday weekend and I’ll see you next week!  Im glad to be back.

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