Last Week of the Summer, Happy Days and Bits and Bobs

It has been a proper last week of the summer over here in Two Tiny Land. The weather turned nicer and things got busier and more entertaining for us all.  I’ve been happy for most of it so it feels like it’s flown by!

Last week of the Summer also means it’s my last week of 24/7 double child care. The Robot gets free nursery time this year so we’ll be dropping him off for 2.5 days of nursery. This is something I’ve been looking forward to more and more since CABS was born. He will thrive and I will get some much-needed time, not so much alone but with baby CABS, who I might is getting less baby all the time!  It’s been a loooong 10 months.

Let’s take a look at my Happy..

Happy Days

A moment of reflection in my week to look back and feel grateful.

– Walks in the rain, the forecast horrible we went walking in the woods and played hide and seek together.

the robot and dave walking ahead into the woods with coats on as it's raing.

– Letting go of normal food regime and saying yes to biscuits and cake more! Chocolate, of course!

– Visiting friends and letting the kids just play.

– Taking a trip to the Lakeland Maize Maze with Gran. A brilliant place for a day trip and one we shall return to.

– A solo adventure on the train to Flookborough. Visiting the park we went to at the start of the summer and a Miniature model village. A really nice day out filled with a sleeping baby and ice lollies.

cabs sat on a park swan in the sun

robot playing at a miniature farm model

– Illness enforced downtime. Just snotty but after a jam-packed start of the week we had a good chill out at home.

– I’ve started to tidy the cellar up and you can see my progress clearly. I’ve tempted Dave with the idea of building a model train track down there so he might get rid of some junk!!

– A night with a friend watching Mama Mia 2.

– Friends reunited at the park for five little minutes. The first time in the holidays we had them all together!

– Gran coming to babysit the kids, not only building a fab cardboard box boat but stopping for the evening so Dave and I could go out together. Belated birthday drinks!

– A chilled Saturday and trip into the Lakes just because we could.

cabs crawling next to the lake

Bits and Bobbins

I’ve not done much sewing this week, sob, but I have been getting caught up in a Christmas themed swap so it won’t be long. Have a little look at my mosaic of fun…


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I’m very excited to have a second chance to join in with #12daysofchristmasswap2018 organised by Tracy @madaboutbags she very kindly let me sneak in the backdoor and sign up! . Howdy (secret) partner, I filled the form in a bit hastily but hopefully my mosaic of pretties will make you see that anything you do will make me happy and this is just a taster of things I’ve seen and liked recently! . Tile no.1 Christmas – to me Christmas is my family a bit traditional but fun. We’re not OTT in our house and just about manage a tree with a few decorations. I scoured the #christmasinjuly tag to find these photos and tagged the accounts they came from (thanks Christmassy peeps & hope you don’t mind!) . Tile No.2 Style. I don’t really think I have a style of things I like but picked out these for the colours, the variety, the fun (seriously just have fun with your Makes!). I quite like scrappy, feel free to dig in your scrap bin. . Tile No.3 Things. As I said in my form, I like useful things. Possibly that’s not helpful but here’s a selection of bits I’ve found. Let’s go round the tile. Socks – I like cute socks but only ever end up with Asda price! I love the Sashiko style stitching on the coasters, I tried this at the start of the year and it’s good fun! Stationary – need I say more 😆? The sugar baby by @lillyellasworld is so pretty! Pouches – I chose this picture for the re-used and scrappy look! Zena @mycreativelypottylife has made some real cute things lately so thought I’d share! The bag on the @fatquartershop feed is lovely! Sewing bits – thread, needles, snips or something I’ve not thought of will always be gratefully received. Last square from @ticketzamboni a bowl full of sweeties, don’t tell my dentist, I banned myself from sweets a couple of years ago and only really eat chocolate now but oh my sweet tooth loves a surprise from time to time!! . Essay/Mosaic done! I hope that helps you decide what to make and I really will love whatever you make as long as you’ve loved it too! Have fun and enjoy 😊 #twotinymakesmosaics

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I’ve not got my head round this section of the blog yet, but soon, I promise!!

That’s it for this week, I think we’re about to go to Blackpool zoo to be like monkeys. Have a great week and I’m sure to tell you of my sobbing when I drop the Robot off at nursery, either that or celebration.

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