Lancaster Canal – Hincaster Tunnel

Lancaster Canal – Hincaster Tunnel

Today I’m telling you about our last day of our mini holiday, you can read all about the main event over here.  We ended up coming home early so had an extra day to go exploring. The Robot has been banging on about tunnels all week and with glorious weather we decided to explore the Hincaster Tunnel on the Lancaster Canal.

Hincaster Canal tunnel

It’s a marvellous canal tunnel built in 1819 that has been disused since the 1960’s when the M6 got built and severed the canal in a few places.  It’s 378 yards (yes I’m using yards because that’s what the sign said) and would have had rope or chain along the edge to pull the canal boats by hand.

Karen and Robot with the Hincaster Tunnel beind

There is a viewing platform so you can look through the tunnel.  It’s still got puddle water in it so you can’t actually walk through it now.  You can just see the end in the photo above.

Viewing point at Hincaster Tunnel -

The horses who would have pulled the boats back in the day got walked over the hill to the other side. A path which followed under the train line and through fields.

The Robot got his tunnel moment!! He screams and makes noises for the echo now which is really cute! So excited he was happy to run along in front of us without a care in the world.

Robot running up the path through the tunnel

As we walked up the hill I told Dave how impressed I was with the Robots little legs.  Normally he’s asking to be carried up hill but he was in his element on this path.  It wasn’t until I said this though that he turned round and asked for a carry… I spoke too soon! lol.

After a quick lift though he went back down again.  This is where he learnt a serious life lesson, the joy of sticks.  I asked him to hold a stick.  Well wasn’t that a fabulous idea that meant our walk automatically slowed down.  Every stick we passed he wanted to pick up but also happy to leave them behind.

Robot collecting sticks

When we made it to the other side of the tunnel we decided to walk along the canal tow path to find a good picnic spot.    We were in for a treat.   As we walked along we came across this little fairy house.  A guest book and music box with mini trinkets and washing line.  It was pretty cool and the first time the Robot has seen a fairy house.  This is something I want to make with him one day so finding this has spurred this on!

Robot sat a the Fairy post

I even have a dedicated Pinterest board if your interested?

All along the path were little ditty bits.  I had a camera fail moment but there were wind chimes, gnomes eating picnics and swinging in the trees, bird tables, benches and a few others…

The Robot loved it.  So much that he sat down for a rest:

Robot sat down on the path

Which meant it was time for a Daddy carry!  Hunger was setting in too so getting to walk faster was also a tactic…

Dave giving the Robot a lift on his shoulders

Here is where my photos end I’m afraid.  We carried on walking along the canal to where the road split the path.  Lunch was had at a bench overlooking the River Kent. The Robot went in the back pack and we retraced our steps back to the car.  Surprisingly it didn’t take that long, grown up pace was definitely quicker!

All in all a fabulous day out made better by some lovely Spring sunshine.  How are you spending your days in the sun?


  1. Robot seems to be growing before my eyes! Look at him go along that path, such a big boy all of a sudden. I remember all my kids standing in tunnels and being thrilled to hear their own voices echo, I had quite forgotten such simple fun until reading this post. You are in for the long haul on the sticks, but I have a feeling you know that already! Keep those fairy garden thoughts going, by autumn I reckon you will be building one together!

    Lovely to see you back on #CountryKids
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Friday is our little Hero  My Profile

  2. Ah that is very cute about screaming through the tunnel lol. Zara loves tunnels too bless her. I don’t think she’s sussed out the screaming part yet though… Sometimes they amaze me with how far their little legs carry them, then others they amaze me with how far they WONT walk. Kiddies eh. Much love #familyfun xx

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