L is for Lego Play

Growing up I remember my brother having all the Lego. Loads of it. On rare occasions I remember getting to play with it.  Not until I was a lot older because of all the bits.  For the Robots 1st Christmas he got given a set of Lego Duplo.  At 6 months  he was a little too young but this is where his collection started.  Roll on two years and he has a massive box of the stuff, including the Lego train set.  This boy loves trains so it was an obvious collection to build.

What has developed are many different ways to play with the Lego Duplo.

Lego Play

Have you ever noticed how kids get so bored of toys that you need to completely hide them for a week or two. We’ve been at that stage with the Lego Duplo train set and blocks.  Quite a lot of his toys to be honest. Talking to my friends it seems at about 2.6 months this is quite a normal phase.  Not one I’ve researched wider but it seems they do just start to play differently and more purposefully.

We hid the Lego for a few weeks and left different toys out to play with.  It was worth it and I decided to re-introduce it gradually in a few interesting ways.  What follows are 4 Lego Duplo set ups to surprise your toddler.

1. Just the blocks

We love our tuff spot builders tray. Put toys on it and it becomes a different type of fun.  I pulled just the blocks out of the box and left them in a pile on the tray:

Tuff Lego

Result: The Robot arrived in the living room with immediate interest.  He came and started building straight away, for 10 minutes I guess until real life and breakfast took over.  We did re-visit during the day and I helped build houses and things:

2. The Train Tuff

We can build some pretty good train lines for the Robot but still using the tuff spot I made a very simple train set and construction zone for him to play with one morning.

a train tuff spot set up

Result:  This ended in a more in-depth play session because he got involved in moving the blocks about on the train and in the digger.  Having the little men around helped too!

3. Small World Creations

Moving on from the tuff train tray it was less about the build and more about the building and playing with Mummy.   No set up in advance but a dialogue of play and requests of things to build and move.  I made water towers, coal hoppers and generally had some good fun just playing together.

small set up of duplo with a water tower

Result:  A happy toddler.  As much as it pains me when I give the Robot my full attention for a good session he loves it.  I think getting to play with someone really helps his mood.

4. Adventure Bay

I could not resist this one… I have to give credit to Dave on this one though because he was the one that built the Paw Patrol head quarters with moving lift and all.

Duplo set out with a paw patrol tower

Result:  The tower didn’t last long, the Robot knocked it down.  The thought was there!

What have I learnt from this a few weeks on.  I think I need to hide the Lego Duplo again!  Just kidding.  We get a lot more out of playing with the Lego when we do it together.  He enjoys a bit of small world action now, creating his own scenarios with his mini characters.  It is really interesting to watch him play.

Baby CABS just likes to chew on blocks!

Have you got a lego obsessed child in your house?  What is the best thing you’ve ever built with lego?



  1. my daughter is almost seven and we still go through this. There are things that she will play constantly with for days and then forget about for months. We have a sunroom that is completely taken over by her stuff and what we do is just rotate things out into the living room from time to time. Legos are definitely in the rotation. #familyfun

  2. We keep the Lego box in a cupboard but just to stop it being tipped out constantly. They’ll go a few weeks without playing it and then suddenly ask for it and enjoy making various things. My older daughter likes making rainbow patterns with it and my younger son is just starting to build things with it, cars or aeroplanes normally. #familyfun

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