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There was one comment on last weeks round up post from my blogger friend who said “reading through the lines it’s been a tough week”. She is spot on, I don’t like to dwell on it much though because I like to write off the bad days as just that, the bad ones.

The purpose of these posts are to focus on the good regardless how hard the week has been. If you saw my post yesterday on the long game you can see how everything can get a bit much. I do it to myself and I am very grateful for the people who surround and support me with love and kind words. Things get easier when you talk about it!

Onto the happy bits from my week

Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on the week gone by focusing on the good bits that have happened.

– The Robot and I have made biscuits. He’s always got ulterior motives with it though because he loves icing. While tidying up I had left the sprinkles on the table. He tipped them out and was eating them when I got back. Rather than be cross I laughed and proceeded to race him to finish them. Sugar rush!

RObot eating sprinkles off the table

– We took an afternoon trip to the pub. Not normally a child friendly activity but this involved catching the train, a nice safe walk off-road and thankfully a fairly quiet pub. The Robot got obsessed with the pool table posting the balls in the hole, thankfully nobody else wanted to use it.  Grateful for baby wearing on the walk home as we had both kids catching a lift on us:

The Two tiny family shot. Bot the kids in slings attached to dave and I

– I got my craft on and opened up my etsy shop currently selling name prints, everyone has been so kind about them so far.

– The Robots got a new skill! One I wasn’t sure he’d start to pick up but he’s getting it:

– I’m always grateful when Dave and the Robot have some bonding time out the house at the weekend. A few moments away from the chaos that is two!

– Baby CABS is wonderful. She has slotted into our world perfectly. We’ve started feeding her this week. I’m always amazed at how they imitate us. Baby led all the way.

Baby cabs sat in her high chair chewing on a spoon

– Mondays is a low day in our house with nothing to do or no one to see. It’s often a blessing to relax a bit after a busy weekend but it’s always nice to fill them. We went for a scavenger hunt and got our craft on, all the glitter came out after this picture:

robot wearing a paper hat over his head

– The play groups are back on and it’s great to have a routine again!

– We had a look round some preschools this week for the Robot in September. He will get 15 hours free time and I think he’ll have a blast! I found one with good outdoor facilities and loads of space to run around.  I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that a year later he’ll be in school full time.

– The sun has come out! Bless the Robot he’s got so conditioned to wearing a hat over the winter he’s not quite got used to taking it off yet. I love this combination of woolly hat and t-shirt.

Robot im a wolly hat with his t-shirt on

That’s it for this week! Dave is working the weekend so we’re heading to visit my non Mum friends and convince them a picnic in the park is a good idea!

Have a good week x


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