K is for Playing with Keys

When I was trying to come up with an idea for play and the Letter K I kept on coming back to the kitchen or keep fit.  Kitchen play is something I do too often and I would be making stuff up if I told you I was keeping fit with my kids.

When I first had the Robot I did all sorts of keep fit with him, exercise classes, walking, cycling. Now with baby CABS it’s just not possible. I wish it was but I can’t do fast paced with a toddler and no income means no money for exercise classes. Motivation at home is null too, squats? Nah, not alone!  I digress..

Playing with Keys

This is as simple as it sounds and started from a simple routine the Robot and I have got in to when trying to leave the house.   It’s a battle!  One that if I get him helping seems to ease.  It used to be I’d get him kitted up in his gear, it’s been winter, so I can then get CABS and myself ready to leave.  In that time he starts stripping off and becomes counterproductive to our out the house plans.  What has saved me?

My keys. I tell him I’ll let him put the key in the door. It distracts him long enough for me to get ready and out.  Thankfully the key is really stiff so he can’t actually get out the house but it keeps him occupied! Win!

Anyway all this keys business made me think of padlocks and how it could help the Robot with a play activity.  I bought some cheap padlocks off eBay, a set of three, each a different size. Oddly enough the keys were all the same.  This in turn just made life easier!

First of all I showed the Robot how they worked and let him have a play.   He picked it up really quick. After this I fastened the padlocks to our fire guard and gave him a set of keys.  He was off:

RObot opening a padlock with a key

He fairly quickly removed them and moved on but for 10 minutes he was occupied. A success in my book.  It would make a good busy bag item and if you want more ideas for busy bags then follow my board:

This really is a quick and simple idea for you today. Not much prep and a little bit of nimble fingers for your kids to practice and learn.  Just maybe don’t give them the keys for a real padlock keeping things safe!

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