July 2017 Happy Days

I’m really struggling with getting things done lately and blogging has taken a side step.  This is perfectly fine by me though as it’s impossible to do everything.  Still running the #FamilyFun linky though has really given me a bit of a boost this week. I love reading the blogs in my little community and some have given me some real inspiration this week to get typing.

I used to swear by writing a weekly happy days post to make me feel better but for some reason I stopped, it became a chore. Jakijellz wrote a 10 That Make Me Happy post this week that made me want to at least take a look back at July and see if I can pull together some happy moments…

– Carnival that goes passed our house followed by a lovely summer walk round The Crook of Lune.

– The Robot turned 2 and I am immensely proud of him on a daily if not hourly basis.

– We went to Wales, which I’ve still failed to type up.. must get on that! Meeting up with family and making new friends is always a bonus.  The onesies are also something I need to share with you!

karen dave and robot stood in the fog wearing their onesies, a frog giraffe and hippo.

– Dave had a couple of ‘quiet’ weeks with work so we got to hang out as a family a bit more.

– My Mummy friends and kids all went on a day trip on the train to Grange over Sands. Duck feeding, picnics and play park fun.

– The Robot learnt to climb out his cot which with a bit of panic meant a quick move to the toddler bed. So far he’s not fallen out or kicked up a fuss at all!

– Dave has been my dinner cooking rock this month, pretty much as normal, but it’s worth mentioning as I’m utterly shattered and thinking about cooking is beyond me!

– I found a home hairdresser that I like and will happily use again.

– I’ve been baking sugar free biscuits a lot this month for me and the Robot but not really hitting the spot I was inspired by Bobsy Mums Oat and raisin cookies. They are yummy!

oat and raisin cookies

– The splash park. I had been putting it off for weeks. I braved it. The Robot spent most of the time running around the outside of the water rather than getting wet.  We’ll definately go again this summer!

Karen and robot selfie at the splash park

– The Robots first painting that I didn’t help with at all. Proud a little.  I refused to call all those first paintings his as I always helped him out a little trying to show him what to do.  Here is the result:

Robots painting

– Personal shopping at Debenhams. I hate shopping and with 3 weddings next month I needed a new dress with bump room.  Child free couple time too which is a treat that only happens when the Robot sleeps!

There you have it I think that’s a nice little list there.  I can’t believe that I used to do a weekly version of this. It has reminded me that I might have to do it manually even if I don’t do it digitally that often.  It’d be a shame to miss some important memories because I got lazy!

We still have a couple of days left of July and we’re spending them with my Mum celebrating a new park that is opening at the back of her house.  I think the Robot will be spending some very happy moments here over the coming years!

Hope you are all well and are embracing some happy in your life too!




  1. Glad you enjoyed the cookies! I must make some more soon! How good is Robot in his bed!! My monster refuses to stay in her’s unless one of us is sat on the end of it. We’ve not had an evening together for weeks! #familyfunlinky

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