J is for Journaling with Toddlers

When the Robot turned two I thought it would be fun to start a journal with him. Journaling with toddlers can only be fun right!?

Journals and journaling is something I’ve always loved doing, keeping a diary on and off throughout my childhood and now with my bullet journal I take on the world!  Why not give it a try; I bought some real cheap exercise books from the stationery shop, labelled it up and set off with no real idea.

Journaling with toddlers

At first I thought it would be fun to try some ways to learn.  We started with hand prints, numbers and ages.    We didn’t keep this up:

numbers and stickers on a note pad

The Robot, now even almost a year later is not someone who likes to colour in or draw. What he does like though is the simple act of doing something with you.  He likes to sort the pens and choose which colour to use, it’s always green, then request drawings from me:

daddy Mummy drawings for robot

Stickers have played a fun part of the process.  He likes sticking and we have dedicated sticker pages in the book.  This then moved to stickers on the furniture but I’m not that house proud so I let this happen!

Dating the pages as I go seemed like a good idea to see if there is any improvement As we go.   There hasn’t been any significant signs of artistry but let’s face it he is two and mark making is the name of the game.

Scribbling his way through the pages of the book with Mummy.  We talk about what we’ve done together and he tells me what to draw. It’s quite often tracks and trains but I like to challenge him to copy me. So where I draw shapes he proudly does a line that totally feels like a triangle to him!!

robot colouring in green of shapes and Mummy drawings

Frequency has dipped a bit since I started. We used to do it weekly or after big days out but as the autumn and winter approached it has slipped to every few weeks. Something I feel is something to do with growing a baby!

Writing this though has started my interest in it again and we’ve made it to the end of his first book.  He’s not 3 till July so we will just plough on into a new book with today’s date on.

When I started this process I couldn’t find anything on Pinterest for two year olds. I’ve worked out that it’s because they’re not really ready to do it.  What has developed is a bit of bonding and playing together which I hope you’ll agree is beneficial to this parenting game!?

I’ve lots of ideas as the Robot gets older and into preschool age. Things like nature journals where we study weather, drawings, collecting flowers. Season variations and a chance to be outside.  One of my things I’d like to do this year is spend some time in the woods. We could do some nature rubbing on bark or observe our surroundings.

I’m going to keep doing this, I find it a nice way to store his drawings.   Why don’t you come over to Pinterest and follow my journaling board for more ideas.

This is my favourite page:

lots and lots of scribbles with the odd colour written on it
He really got into the scribble zone!

Is Journaling with toddlers something you do with your little people?  Is it something you do yourself?  I’d love to hear your experiences on it.



  1. Karen, I absolutely love this idea. Molly has so many different books and stacks of paper everywhere that she scribbles in daily, but I hadn’t thought about keeping them in a journal. We’re off into town later so I will be buying some exercise books and starting her a journal. Love it. X

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