It’s not just Mummy!

Since birth the Robots favourite person was me, his Mummy… There is a new favourite sneaking in from the side lines, his Daddy!  It’s lovely really as there is a special bond forming between them that especially in those first weeks I thought would never happen.  When he cries, I’m the one who goes to him, when he whimpers, I am the one who goes to him, this list goes on, I spend ALL my time with him!

The past few weeks Robot is notably excitable when Daddy Dave walks in the room,  his eyes follow him round the room and he listens intently to his conversation.  Here I’ve captured little Robot sat listening to Daddy:

Then a moment later, when Daddy leaves the room.

In an instant, tears!  It’s like we took his toys away!  Not convinced it was just a fluke, I shouted Dave back in the room.  Again, happy, excited Robot.  Same reaction on leaving.  No fluke here!  We tried this a few more times, bit mean I know but when you can’t mess with your own kids heads then what’s the point!?

The Robot does love his Daddy!

Doing a little mental dance that I’m no longer the only person my baby wants.  Time to book my hair appointment…

Can any one else relate to the feeling that no one else can sooth your child?  What would you do with that little bit of me time a new favourite person could bring?


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  3. Yes I can relate. I breastfed my three & they were all fairly attached to me. Two of the three accepted bottles & were easy enough to leave but the one refused any bottle which made it so terrible for me to go anywhere & if I did go anywhere I was guilty the whole time. This is great news that Robot is loving daddy lately – definitely time for that hair appointment, maybe throw in a massage while you are at it 😉 Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x
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