It’s Definitely Spring 

The Letter I for a title today, it’s a bit of a cheat word for this weeks abc123challenge round-up.  We’re not as organised this week either. My best friend came to visit us on Friday so I’ve not had the usual time to write.  I’m sat in a cafe with CABS typing on my phone in a trampoline park while Dave jumps with the Robot.  Our first visit and it’s proving fun!

The weather has started to turn warmer which is amazing, it feels like spring. It is raining but that bitter cold is starting to disappear. Gives me hope that it’s going to be a good year!  Onto the happy Bits..

The Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on all our happy moments in the week.

– The boys went on a boys day out on the train together which left me on a girls day out!  We went to try out Lune Valley Quilting Guild. It was a fun day and I got to be crafty all day but juggling a baby and trying to sew doesn’t really work!  I haven’t decided if I’ll go back yet.

– The above says it all – a whole day alone! Sort of. I love my little boy but gosh it’s lovely to get a break from him for 8 hours!

– Dave and I are trying to exercise more which means solo trips out on foot or bike!  It’s great, I went for a walk alone, I sat on a bench and had a spur of moment blog post which cheered me up.

– This lead to a good walk in the woods. The Robot did a fair amount solo but we are glad we had an extra sling as he went up on my back near the end which meant we could walk further and faster! He is also quite rubbish at hide and seek:

robot hiding in plain sight by a tree.

– Friends out at a cafe! It was lovely to meet up with them. The Easter holidays are well and truly zapping our child fun. This helps.

– Dave got home from work early and took the Robot out. It was great to get some random free time.

– I’m loving everything about Two Tiny Makes and have had another brilliant month of makes:

A collection of makes from my sewing

– I try not to spend money but got excited by Aldi special buys this week in their craft event. I bought all the fat quarters!

– The Robot randomly telling me he loves me.

– We had sun! It is spring!

– Baby CABS has been snotty and had her jabs this week so amongst the upset it’s been nice for a few smiles. She’s on the mend now!  Look at her head control with some tummy time:

baby cabs showing off her tummy time

– My best friend came for a visit. It’s so nice to see her.

That’s it for this week. We’ve been really busy all Saturday so this is going out late but rest assured we had fun.  Sunday to follow. Hope you all have a good week and we get some more great spring weather.  K


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