It’s Been Sunny!

What a brilliant introduction to February… It’s been sunny the past few days of this week and boy does that make the days happier and more joyful to get through.  We even went outside briefly without coats on, shock horror!  It was cold though so it wasn’t for long.  With 2 more days left until the launch of the #ABC123Challenge I feel like my blog is in full swing and up and running again in preparation.  I seem to be able to manage it all amongst the Robot and CABS well.

The Happy Bits

Little moments of gratitude in my week:

– It’s been 2 and a half years but I finally left the Robot alone for the night with his Daddy and went with baby CABS for a sleep over at my Mum’s.  It was a fantastic break away and to properly catch up with my Mum without the distractions of a toddler.  We even got some sewing done!!  Here is a look at my January makes:

Two sewing folios some mini dresdons, a green pouch some stitching and my purple hexie flowers

– CABS has found her hand.  It’s so cute watching her stare at her hand in wonderment!!

– We actually got to go to the park with friends for a run around! I miss this from the Summer.

– It was raining at the start of the week but we managed to get out and go for a walk in the woods.  We also managed to find a geocache. Something we haven’t done in ages!! These woods even had some pretty cool dens, this one is made from a tent.

Robot stood in a tent in the woods

– CABS and the Robot were laying next to each other in the bathroom and CABS pulled the Robots hair, with an ouch from him.  It was extremely funny moment for a 12 week old!

– The Robot has been a delight to take places this week.  He’s been so well natured, friendly and behaved it’s made it incredibly easy!

– CABS has only been in a stretchy wrap on my front so far but on Thursday we managed our first back carry out of desperation from me to be able to cook a lamb tagine before Dave got home from work.  She has such strong head control already and absolutely loved it back there.

CABS on Karens back

– I know I mentioned it at the start but I’ve been getting great feedback for the #abc123challenge that’s starting on Monday (5th Feb).  I can’t wait!

– I’m rocking Motherhood with two littles, dishing up tea and mastering bath and bedtime with Dave late home from work on Friday.  I rock!

Happy Links

I keep banging on about how inspired I am with Instagram that I have decided to pick some favourite things that I spot in my feed each week.  Here are this weeks:

pictures of lino printing equipment, two sets of fabric and a boxy pouch.

A : @cloudtori has inspired me to want to try Lino printing. I’ve not done it since school but would really love to do it again.

B : I love love love this fabric from Dashwood Studios.

C : @thefabricfox shared this amazing fabric from kokka fabric. I love it!

D : After making the mini pouch at the weekend I would love to give this All In One Box Pouch by Aneela Hoey a go!

Hopefully a good edition to a round up!?

That’s all from me this week, I’ve got to get on and get ready to go to a birthday party.  Other than this we have no plans… Looking forward to some good family time on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, long may it remain sunny!

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