It’s Always When I’m Tired 

As I’m sat cuddling my dear Robot to sleep I am thinking about the day I’ve had and the struggles that have ensued. It’s been a day I don’t want to particularly remember that much either. They are few and far between but you know what? It’s always when I’m tired.

Tonight I’ll go to bed normal time, basically early, and I’ll sleep all night and wake up refreshed. I’ll forget about today and how bloody hard it’s been.

Thinking about it though he’s not been anymore difficult, it’s just my patience has been thin.  The slightest thing pushed me over the edge. I’ve sworn, yes at him, well his yoghurt, I’ve cried and shut myself away.  I’m tired.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this post either. I don’t normally document the bad days.  As I’m sat here cuddling my sleeping baby I sort of feel it’s an apology.  A moment to reconnect with him and, a moment of reflection.

We’re a good little team me and him. We make it through each and every day, it’s fun and we go on adventures.  I love our adventures. We’re good at adventures. 

I know I’m a good Mum but it’s days of hell like today that make me second guess it.  That’s being a parent though isn’t it? Never feeling good enough. We can always do better can’t we? 

For who though? I know for one thing, my little man adores me.  He cares, he show compassion, he holds my hand, he walks by my side, he hugs, he kisses, he shares.. He’s bloody amazing.

So, yes I might have had a rubbish day today, I know I’ll forget it tomorrow.  I know the Robot already has forgotten it.  Let’s move on, take a bow and start again tomorrow.

Mummy and Robot in sling at the train station having a selfie
Going on another train adventure


  1. What a beautiful post! I hope you had a better day today! I’ve had days just like that one, though. They can feel sooooo long and awful. That’s when I kick back with a glass of wine after the kids are in bed. #blogcrush

  2. We all have these days. I called The Boy a twat yesterday, and then thought “oh god, he’s six, he’ll call it someone at school!!” but frankly, he was being a twat!!

    You’re a great mum, I’m always so impressed by all your adventures as I sit reading about them in my pj’s!

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    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Donna, your a great mum too I’ve never seen so many inventive ways to use toilet rolls before!!! I’ve been saving them for months now and still not on it!!

  3. Oh it’s not going to help I know but we’ve all had these days where we could sob at just how rubbish we’ve been. I’ve had some tragedies of days over the years and yes they are always when I’m tired and it’s never been about the children always something else that’s going on in my life. Go get that early night my lovely and, for the record, you are enough xx #FamilyFun
    justsayingmum recently posted…Toby & Roo Talks Teens!My Profile

  4. I think it’s good to remind ourselves that a bad day is just that – one rubbish day – and that it is forgotten the next day. We all have moments like that when we are tired and our patience wears thin and we just snap at the slightest thing. Children are so forgiving though and they carry on loving us because we are the best parents they have even though none of us is perfect. I’m always very cranky when I’m tired. It’s got to the point that if I’m grumpy, Jessica asks me if I need coffee! I hope that you are less tired today and have had a better day x #familyfunlinky
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