It’s All About the Kisses #HappyDays

There are times in life when you hit a wall. That’s exactly what just happened here and it’s deciding what to do about it that is going to make or break me. Climb over it, walk round it, find the door or just stand next to it for a bit.

I think I’ve stood next to it long enough but have I got the energy to do the other things. I shall try. I’ve missed my blog the past few days so I shall try.  There is probably no point trying to pin point why the blog took a little break but I’m pinning it on tiredness, the constant 2 hourly wake ups are up there in energy zapping.  I shan’t dwell on this though and skip on to a few happy bits…

Happy Days

A moment in my week where I sit and look back at just a few of my really happy bits.

– Baby Cabs who quite honestly at 11 months old is no longer a baby is giving me adorable kisses so much so I got this 4 seconds of beauty on camera:

– I’ve taken time to play with the Robot this week and it’s been really lovely to spend time with him.  We’ve let play time slip recently so I’m proud of myself for making a little bit more effort.

– Weekend adventures as a family and playing and den building in a new woods that we have discovered. I’d say the kids helped with my den but nope it was all me!! Cabs enjoyed exploring the new surroundings and it gives me hope that we can go do this again soon.

baby cabs climbing on the wood pile

– Getting to take Cabs swimming while Robot was at nursery. I should probably look at booking her classes but will probably wait till after Christmas.

– The Robot is really starting to like nursery school. At least I don’t have to un-velcro him from my leg anymore!

– Finally taking a bit more time for me to grab some exercise and re-train my body to get fit again.

– Trips to Ravenglass to have a ride on lal’ratty.

robot cabs and dave looking at a mini steam engine in ravenglass

– Getting the most gorgeous gift of a new sewing machine and it’s marvellous. I can’t believe I had to fight with my old one like I did for so long. My sewing skills have amplified since using the new machine.

– Most of my absence from the blog has been spent over on Instagram and I’m adoring all the positive comments and community that I’ve found there!

– On the sewing. I’ve finally sewn my first Foundation Paper Pieced pattern.  It was fiddly and I have to admit it’s not my favourite but I love this humming-bird I just had to try it:

a square ffp block that is a pink humming bird

– Lastly, the fab news that I’m officially an Auntie!

That’s all I’ve got for you this week and whether I come back next week to tell you some more we shall have to see.  For now I hope you enjoy your weekend.  We’re doing the delights of birthday parties and meeting up with family so it’ll feel like a busy one.  I’ll leave you with an adorable Cabs picture:

cabs looking at the camera with a big grin

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