Introducing Club Hub UK

My little Robot is 10 months old now and it’s safe to say that I am thoroughly in the swing of things.  Day in day out, we have a routine, we know where we have to be and when.  We’re like a little team!

There was a time however where I craved being out of the house.  From the age of 2 weeks The Robot and I attended groups.  For babies there was only really baby massage in my local area, everything else was a bit toddler orientated.  I struggled with this and didn’t really want to drive further afield to go and meet Mums I’ll never see again. A babies legs dangling under the water in a swiming pool

Now the Robot is getting older and more mobile the toddler groups are a hit.  However I’d really like to do more for him, perhaps give him swimming lessons.  The trouble with this though is I have struggled to find lessons anywhere.

Other Mums have given me recommendations but I don’t know the area well.  Where they tell me just doesn’t stick in my sleep deprived memory.  Thankfully I’ve found somewhere now but it took a lot time searching on Facebook and the Internet.

When I was contacted by Tessa at Club Hub UK letting me know about a new App that was being launched in Summer 2016 I was immediately intrigued.   It’s a free app for people to locate children’s clubs and activities around the U.K. People will be able to input their location, child’s age and interest to view results related to them.

4 cartoon children. 1 playing football, 1 ballerina, 1 Cricketer and a saxaphone player. CLUB HUB written in bold colours above them

This sounds amazing and it will certainly be a hit with me as the Robot grows and wants to try different things.  I freely agreed to give The Club Hub UK this shout out because I genuinely think it will help parents like me in the future.  I wish them well with their launch and look forward to trying it out.

To be released Summer 2016






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