I-Spy Hexie Quilt Progress

It was a year ago that I started my I-spy hexie quilt. At the time I didn’t know what it was going to become, I just started it and it kind of evolved from there. Why start it? Well that’s a story of a sew along…

The Fussy Cutting sew along

I’ve mentioned the fussy cutting sew along on the blog in the past but to fill you in, it’s a weekly challenge to create a hexie flower in a given style on a monthly theme. Naomi Clarke is the founder of the sew along and sets us the challenge over on Instagram.

It’s been 52 weeks of fun and friendship. A pure joy to challenge my tired Mum brain each week to create my little half-inch hexie flower. Being so small they never took long and can be picked up put down as needed. Choosing the weekly fabric is always a fun task!!

It was about March time when I was joining in on a quilt design challenge that I decided to design something that would use all 52 stars by the end of the year and this is where the I-Spy Hexie Quilt:


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Design 7 for the #30quiltdesignschallenge2018… I don’t really have a name for this one yet but this came to me in the middle of the night. At the end of the year I’m going to have 52 hexie flowers from the #fussycuttingsewalong and I’ve always planned to frame each flower in white and make a quilt to remember the awesome community that has developed under Naomi’s @naomialicec careful watch! Along with this I’m also building a 1/2″ hexie ispy quilt for my kids to play with. I’m a big believer in only making and doing things of use and although I find Quilts absolutely beautiful I don’t really want to keep making quilt after quilt. With this all in mind I came up with a solution. Combine the two!! They’re both using 1/2″ hexies and will both be vast and varied in colour and design. I think they will be a perfect match! Does this design confuse you? Yup. All the outside circles are my 52 hexie flowers all the diamonds are going to be my ispy hexies all framed in white! The inner hexie flowers are open to offers, I’ve not decided what or where these will come from I just like the two frames. 😍 💐 💗 The best thing is now I have an idea I can start building it and hope it works!! An awesome epp project!! What do you think?

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Well it was just a start and I knew that 52 stars fitted well as a border and I would fill the middle with hexies. Specifically individual fussycut hexies that could be used to find like I-Spy. Very early on I decided I needed to work on the middle so I could go outwards and meet the border on the outside that was getting longer each week.

I started with diamonds and it was while I was pondering this that the idea to use the alphabet in the centre flowers came to me. Being 26 letters it was half the 52 outside and means it would fit perfectly. The sew along had meant I had got the hang of pattern matching so I decided to use the heather Ross kinder alphabet. All the swears but totally worth it:

I-Spy Hexie Quilt A close up on the kinder ross alphabet hexie flowers

One thing I almost forgot to mention about the I-Spy Hexie Quilt is that each fussy cut hexie in the middle of this quilt is unique. A whole host of quilting friends gifted me scraps of fabric so I could fill the space up. At 1/2 inch these hexies are tiny and I am eternally grateful to all the people who helped me out!

To the next border, on my hand drawn plan was diamonds too but not having drawn anything out to scale I realised that I couldn’t fit them between the two flower borders so with a bit of playing and trial and error I realised I could do a zig zag on the straight and a pointed triangle in the corners.

I-Spy Hexie Quilt a close up of the triangles with the pointed corner

I set myself the challenge to finish the middle of this quilt by the end of the 52 weeks. It’s been one final slog to get this all sewn up, even with a last-minute plea to Naomi to help by delving into her fabric stash for extra hexies. We’ve managed it though and I’m proud to say here it is outside and proud:

I-Spy Hexie Quilt

full size I-Spy Hexie Quilt

This is by no mean the end of my I-Spy Hexie Quilt. This is only just the tip of the iceberg. I have been trying to decide on how to finish the edge off and I feel like just stopping will be doing this project a disservice. One idea was to do another triangle zig zag layer but I’ve had enough of sewing white channels. So, without further a do I shall tell you:

A Rainbow!

I’m going to make a rainbow around the edge, there will be thousands more hexies and all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. I’m very excited!!

I have a feeling I’ll still be finishing this I-Spy Hexie Quilt this time next year! It’ll be worth it though!! Keep up to date by following me on Instagram, I’m often posting my progress in my stories!

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