I Don’t Diet! How about you?

Ever since starting #ABrandNewDay I have always focused on exercise and an active lifestyle.  I’ve never really mentioned food, basically because I try not to get too hung up on it.  I don’t diet, I just try to practice healthy eating with a few bad things in moderation.  While at the library picking up books for the Robots Reading Round Up I decided to take a look at their recipe books.  We have had much success over the past year when I’ve followed some actual recipes, so I figured some new inspiration for the Kitchen is needed.  This time I picked up:

Deliciously Ella Every Day

I must admit I hadn’t looked at it until I got home.  It was a couple of days later when I had some spinach to use up that I looked in.  We tried a recipe called Creamy Carbonara.  When listing off the ingredients to Dave he was perplexed as to where the cream element came from.   It was under further investigation that I’d picked up a super health food book, all recipes were plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free.

I have no objection with this at all, but give me a loaf of bread and glass of milk and i’ll be happy!  I had a good read of the book and I actually agreed with some of the things that she said.  Ella cut out all meat, dairy, gluten and sugar out of her diet due to health reasons, but she also suggests that going “cold turky” and cutting everything out in one go is probably counter productive and will inevitably end in failure to commit.

She suggests changing out a couple of meals a week at a time, phasing out and adapting to a newer healthier way of eating.   All this is great advice and it certainly isn’t dieting…  Here is my Creamy Carbonara:

Creamy Carbonara

The secret to the creamyness is the butternut squash and pine nuts all whizzed up, making it all creamy.  It was extremely tasty and I think we probably found the nicest meal in the book.  Pure fluke I know, the Robot loved it too.

The book had to go back to the library before I had chance to try any more recipes.  There were too many ingredients that don’t live in our cupboard and they are just a bit expensive.  Some of the puddings looked really tasty but required cacao powder, after finding it in the supermarket I just went and bought fruit instead!

From the day the Robot started eating we’ve always included him in our meals, he eats what we eat.  The main positive from trying out different recipes is that we are exposing our son to different tastes and textures. We may not be hooked on going down the “plant-based” eating route but it does us no harm to try eat this way from time to time.

How about you, do you struggle with diets or have you just said NO, and try to be healthy?


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  1. I love the sound of her book. I was looking at it the other day but in reality I am just too busy to go around making everything from scratch and cutting out all yumminess. Like you, I think it is all about balance. I try to be good Mon-Fri and then eat whatever I want at the weekends. So far its working ok. Thanks for hosting #abrandnewday
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  2. I don’t diet, but then I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never really needed to. I am vegetarian, but I am not sure that it’s necessary to cut out sugar, gluten, etc, etc, like Deliciously Ella. All in moderation is my motto, and that’s the way I try to do things with Piglet too as I don’t want him to think of some foods as “bad.” He eats what I eat, or at least he’s offered it, but he is very fussy so whether he eats it or not is another matter! #abrandnewday
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    1. isntitpretty

      I hear you on the fussy he may not eat thing, I offer R everything I am having but it’s not always garunteed that he’ll eat it. We just try and be healthy wherever we can.

  3. This book sounds like what I’ve been looking for! My fiance is gradually easing himself into veganism and as a result, I don’t know what to cook for us. I think I might have a slight problem with gluten too. Not an intolerance necessarily, but if I eat more than just a little I get bad stomach pains and feel really sluggish. I’m definitely going to find a copy!

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    1. isntitpretty

      I know what you mean, if I’ve eaten too much of one thing I can feel it in the body. She has two different cook books at the moment and she has recipes on her website too.

  4. Like you I have never dieted before – just try to have a balanced diet but I must admit recently the balance has been more in favour of wine and chocolate and I am thinking I definitely need to watch what I eat better and be more disciplined and ‘mindful’ about what I consume! The Creamy Carbonara looks good – am v intrigued about the squash and pinenuts combo. Very interesting post as always. #ABrandNewDay
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  5. Kim Styles

    I had to diet because i wasnt feeling well and lost two and a half stone- but it has taught me to eat healthily- I have also become vegetarian as whilst I was dieting found I prefer a meat free diet. Now I also go to the gym three times a week and maintain a healthy life style- I allow myself a glass of wine though if I want one as a treat. its amazing how well I feel now I have learnt about a balanced nutricious diet and I don’t need to watch my calories if I am sensible.

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