Home Birth – The Perks

Well I left you rather abruptly at the end of the home birth of baby CABS.  The rest of my story is here.  You always forget about the last stage of labour.

The placenta.  It has to come out too. Granted nothing really matters at this point. If everything has gone well you are literally left cuddling your baby while the midwife faffs at your nether regions telling you what’s happening.  You’re not really listening!

At home it’s totally surreal, amazing really. You are sat on your comfy bed, ordering your other half to make tea and toast for the midwives. Being prodded and poked in the comfort of your own home.


The kit they have handy for home birth has everything they need to make their lives easy.  I’d be fibbing if I said the blood just disappears after, it doesn’t. They do their best to remove and clean up what they can but there will be a bit of mess.  My Mum was the best as she swooped in and cleaned, disinfected and changed my bed sheets and all sorts while I chilled out with baby CABS.   Did I say thanks Mum?  I did give you a grandaughter though!!

Looking back I would totally recommend the home birth experience to anyone.  Forgetting the painful bits and the stitches after it was a beautiful thing.  I’m not massively into hospital settings so being in my own home just felt right.

The midwives were lovely and had my back the entire time.  They were literally in my home for all of 5 hours.  As a second time Mum breastfeeding came naturally, everything clicked into place.  I could parent again.

The Robot, who I might add, is an awesome big brother, took everything in his stride.  He woke when I was in labour then played downstairs with my Mum.  Visiting us when baby arrived was amusing but he coped in the end.  We sent him to play group with my Mum just as the midwives left. The arrival of his sister didn’t phase him.  Would bringing him into hospital have, probably not, we will never know.

The 2 hours after the midwives left and the Robot was out at play group is my most treasured memory of my home birth.  Sat in my lounge, cuddling my baby, being fed toast. Under a blanket, the fire on, drinking tea.  Dave busying himself but also just being us. It was magical.

Being a second child really helped.  I think the support you need from the midwives is there if you want it. I always remember being clueless with the Robot about everything. It all came naturally this time.  I didn’t need help with breastfeeding, I could change a nappy, I just knew what I was doing!  Minimal support and a few visits from midwives.

For me pure perfection!

Having a home birth isn’t for everyone, I know this as have discussed it with plenty.   My advice though, if you’re having a “next” child. Everything went ok with your “previous” child.  If it’s ever crossed your mind as a maybe.  Don’t discount it. Put the wheels in motion and request it.  You can always pull out and head to hospital when the show starts.

I’ve probably missed something important about my home birth.  I wish I was less sleep deprived and could write a bit more coherently.  If you have any questions I’ll gladly answer your comments below.

Here’s a cute picture of my baby girl to finish off:

baby chloe all wrapped up in a towel after her first bath


  1. This is a beautiful story, I love your husband making tea and toast for the midwives. Whilst I think it’s a perfect way for some like you (I have a friend who recently gave birth at home and I also have a friend who’s a doula and I would trust her – but probably no one else), whilst others like me, prefers the hospital. I have had 2 no tear, natural birth in hospital with 2 paracetamols. Could have done it at home! But On both occasions we had to stay in for a week for heart problems – which I think can be picked up at home birth too – jaundice, and me loosing too much blood.

  2. A very good friend of mine had home births for her last two children (as the jammy moo pops babies out like peas, she would never get to the hospital in time) and said it is the most wonderful experience. Her youngest arrived while she was in the bath and within the hour they were snuggled up on the sofa with her two older children. An Ideal way to start the bonding process within the family. #familyfunlinky
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  3. It’s great reading this post, it brings it all back – the unexpected magic of a home birth. Funny as only last evening, I looked at the pictures of my youngest’s birth at home with him. He’s now 4.5 yo! The night he arrived in our family remains one of my most treasured memories.
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  4. It sounds like such an amazing experience Karen. I had to have c-sections with my two so it wasn’t an option for me and I had to stay in hospital for about 3 days. I would have given anything then to be able to relax at home rather than on a busy ward. And I know I’ve said it before, but she is totally gorgeous x

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