Holiday Special – London #abc123challenge

H is for Holiday!  We went to London for a long weekend last week.  It has to be our first proper break away since baby CABS was born and it was well overdue.  The short Winter months with a newborn have dragged and we can see the spring in plain sight now.

Talking of Spring, who noticed the clock change!?  I was well impressed on Sunday morning that I got sleep till gone 7 from both kids only to be told an hour later about the clocks!! I again forgot about the clocks in the evening when was putting the Robot to bed an “hour earlier” than normal and wondered why it wasn’t an easy sleep. Thankfully we’d walked him round London so it wasn’t that traumatic!  Anyway…

A Holiday to London

We caught an afternoon train down to London to arrive at tea time on the Friday.  The train was packed and a Virgin Pendolino, I was glad we had booked tickets so we could sit comfortably, these trains are always hot and make me feel sick, at least we could sit.  Gone are the days of sleeping on a train like I used to. Luckily I had this for entertainment:

CABS sucking on her hand

Alex (My big bro) came to meet us at the station to escort us on the underground. Little was he expecting a slow toddler paced walk from the Robot. He insisted on walking the stairs of the tube stations himself without a care in the world to busy commuters and social gatherings!

A good catchup and a good nights sleep later and Saturday arrived.  We planned to go to ZSL London Zoo and this is what we did.  Picture alert…

Robot looking at a frog being caught by a tiger
Fascinated by the goldon frog in the Tiger enclosure. The tigers were sleeping.
Robot puzzled by a goat
perplexed by a goat
Dave and Robot looking at a lion
A lions lick with Daddy
wild dogs tearing some food apart!
I was fascinated by the wild dogs dinner time! Bit gruesome!

karen and cabs with pelicans

I checked how far we’d walked when we got back and we had clocked up 5.5miles. I’ve only walked this distance twice in the last 9 months!  My body was aching and proves I need to do more exercise and soon!!

An early night happened for us after that. Ready for the clock change and refresh in the morning.  We hung around the house in the morning, letting the Robot run riot in my brothers new house. We had a couple of breakfasts before heading out for brunch with my brother and my sister-in-law. We gave them a get out of being a tourist card and let them go home after lunch and Dave and I took the kids to the Science museum.  Picture alert:

a star shaped pattern
Pattern making in the Pattern pod
Robot dancing on fish
The Robot loved the interactive puddle
Science Museum London - Karen Robot and CABS dancing on a light screen
Having a dance with the kids in this coloured little pod

Another busy day and another chill out evening in preparation for our trip home in the morning. It was a very short visit but one we thoroughly enjoyed and was glad to spend it with siblings!

Over all we think the kids enjoyed the change of scenery. It was just the right pace to feel like a break.  I took some sewing with me too so I got a little bit of hexie sewing done while away!

The Happy Bits

It’s not just been all about London so lets take a moment to look back at all the Happy Bits from my week and be grateful

– London! See above 😝

– My first ever Half Square Triangle.. Check out my instagram feed to see what I created!

a purple and yellow half square triangle

– I got my hair cut! So excited by this, it was July when this happened last.

– My happy smiley CABS is sleeping most the night. I hate to jinx it but I class her as sleeping through. She also goes asleep awake. For those of you with babies, you know how rare that is!

– The Robot has done some potty action this week. I’m not pushing training on him as he says it scares him but a wee here and there is a step forward. Maybe

– Quilty friends are the best kind of friends.  Helen @hentat124 sent me a big pile of fabric scraps.  I love new material!

A hexie flower and fabric

The Easter weekend is upon us and the boys have gone off on an adventure today so I can go and try out a new group.  I’ll tell you more about that next week.   Then I am looking forward to another couple of days of enjoyment with the family.  Hope you all have a brilliant week.


  1. It sounds like a really successful trip to London with a couple of well planned activities with the children. I have never taken mine to London zoo (it is such a price with 8) but we have enjoyed many trips to the science museum. I must put London zoo back on agenda not we tend not to go as a full family as I’d love to visit. Well done on the better nights sleep, hair cut and potty training, it all sounds like life is moving on at quite a pace!

    Happy Easter to you all and thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

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