It’s only 10pm and I’ve been woken up. I decided to go to bed early tonight to break the sleep cycle or lack there of. On going to sleep I told myself that when I first get woken, if it was before midnight that I’d use the time to sketch a blog out!

Not sure why I used the term sketch here because clearly it’s not drawing and it’s not a show I’m writing, it’s my real life. One might I add that I’ve been focusing on living. Hence the blog silence that seems to be going on here.

I’d apologise about that but I’m not sorry, I’m just busy elsewhere keeping all the shares to me and mine. I felt like writing this evening though so here I am.

There’s a million things I’m trying to do to the blog and if you’ve not been by for a few months you’ll see I’ve a new header that’s trying to incorporate the things that have been taken over my world. Makes. TwoTinyMakes is entwining itself slowly and surely into the world of TwoTinyHands. It’s a slow process but it’s happening!

I’m really enjoying sewing and how it makes me feel. If I’ve not sewn something for a couple of days it really effects my mood. I’ve not completed many projects recently just continuing on with all the things I have on the go.

Life feels pretty good right now, as CABS gets older and she develops more of a personality I can envisage what the summer will feel like with both kids. Being a parent is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! I just wish she would sleep better!! Anyway I figured I’d move on to some Happy Bits…

Happy Bits

Taking a look back at all the things that have been making me happy giving me a chance to be grateful. Normally over a week but in this case it’s an undisclosed period of time.

– holiday to Wrexham, staying in a barn and feeding the chickens.

– a glorious day out to Chester Zoo

– The Robot with the help of a sticker chart is going off to sleep on his own.

– CABS is standing and oh so close to walking.

– the joy of spending half term with both kids together.

– my friends on and offline make me happy.

– better weather finally means I can back carry CABS and we can hit the park again!

– we’re National Trust members, trying to use our Christmas money for something wise for a change.

Going to call it a day today, I will try not neglect you for much longer but I’ll leave you with a hello from CABS:

Cabs looking out of the slide

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