Welcome to my blog! I Am retrospectively writing this as it’s something I wish I had started when I had my son, only being 15 weeks ago I think I can ‘fill’ in the blanks!

On the 6th July I gave birth to my beautiful son Robert James at 1.29am. He weighed 7lb5oz.  I am totally in love!

Mum, Dad and Baby
Mum, Dad and Baby

My name is Karen and as a mother I have so many hopes and fears for my little bundle.  His father David has turned into ultra safe mode and tries to protect him in any way he can!

I never want to be a pushy mum but do want to give him all the opportunities he wants. I take him to baby and toddler groups to give him chance to grow. I sing, chat and play with him. I make sure he gets fresh air. I give him space to let him play alone. I give him breast milk to help him beat bugs. I’m writing this blog to show him I’m successful too. I will do everything I possibly can for him!

Follow our journey I hope you will enjoy 😀

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