Happy Days – Bring on the Sun

Happy Days is a process for finding the happiness in every day and is something that I enjoy doing with Katy and Sian each week, I really feel it adds value to my life.  It allows me to make the most of each day and leave it on a positive note.

I’m writing this after a cuddly day on the sofa with the Robot.  Bless him he woke up not in the best mood, sleepy, not eating and just generally whingeing. I’m always amazed at the desire to be well though because his cheeky playful nature has been breaking through the sleepy naps all day.  Thankfully he’s gone to sleep now and I’ll hopefully get a cheerful boy in the morning.

It’s not all bad though, lets take a look at my happy moments from the week:

– My first blog linked up to Candid Cuddles got featured last week which made me smile.

– Dave took the weekend off and we took the opportunity to go for an adventure or few.  We took the Robot to The Baby Lab at Lancaster University to visit their play group, it’s nice for Dave to see the Robot in a playing with other kids setting as he doesn’t normally get too.   We topped the day off with a muddy walk down a part of the Lancaster Canal that we’ve not walked before.

– The next day we did the usual weather watch and saw it was going rain by mid day so we set off out by 9am for a walk up Warton Crag, our local hill.  It was beautiful up there but by 10am we were done so we took the Robot to the park and if you check out this post you’ll see some puddles splashing fun!

Up Warton Crag with my boys - love this photo :)

– After a busy sling meet at Morecambe Bay sling library we caught the train home and the Robot walked all the way home from the station with no pick ups.  It amazes me how far he can walk when he wants too!

– I had a bath.  I fell asleep in the bath.  Need I say more?

– We’ve had a few sunny days this week and that is such a soul lifter.  We have made the most of it by playing at the park a lot.  Going to the park alone is always a tad boring but we’ve lucked out this week because The Robots play group buddy has been out playing too.  He’s 6 months older and it’s always fun to see them play together.  We go to the park a lot regardless of the weather and we normally have it to ourselves, it’s been great to have other kids kicking about.  Roll on the Summer.

The weekend is forecasted rainy and I figured this is a good opportunity to leave you with this quote that I am sharing with Candid Cuddles with Becky and Prabs this week:

I have got rubbish at taking photos recently so I am going to take the time to empty my camera so there is space and try harder this week!   Have a lovely week… K


  1. Reading lots of posts from bloggers all over the UK and it really does look like your weather is turning warmer. Which is great for you, but for us our mornings are starting to get cooler and that scares me. I hate the winter months. Thankfully our days are still around 28-30 so I’m not going to complain just yet.
    Congrats on the featured post.

  2. Ahh sounds like a wonderful week! I love that they have a Baby Lab at the uni, I never knew that!! That’s so good that the Robot will walk so far, it’s a bit awkward where we live as most places we walk to I feel like it’s just too far to expect Tom to walk and I would worry that if I’m trying to push the buggy and keep hold of him (as well as being pregnant!) that he might easily get out of the grasp or fall or something, and it’s all relatively busy roads. Obviously he runs about the park and the places that we go to if that makes sense though, and he’s happy enough in the buggy so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much just yet! #FamilyFun
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  3. The very thought of falling asleep in the bath generally puts me off taking baths. I can’t relax because I’m too afraid of falling asleep and slipping under! Difficult for me to get past that part of the post, but glad you’ve had some lovely things in your week. #familyfun

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