Happy World Thinking Day

Just before having the Robot I gained my 10 year volunteer award from Girlguiding.  Super exciting as you get a badge and if you’ve been a Guide or a Scout in your life you’ll know how exciting getting a badge is!

That’s where I stopped. I’m having a break from volunteering.  No decision how long yet.

It’s World Thinking Day today and it feels weird that even though it means something to me that I’m not directly involved in the celebration. It is always a special time of year to be involved in Girlguiding because you see the sheer amount of girls and adults that take part week in week out across the globe.

It is also the start of student volunteer week and it has me questioning my extended essentially maternity leave from being a volunteer. It’s such a worthwhile thing to do outside of work. I’ve made some really good friends from volunteering and watched some amazing young girls blossom into brilliant young adults.

I miss it but I’m concentrating on my son right now. It will still be there in a few years time.


I started out volunteering in my student years. Very quickly I got involved with bigger activities and further a field. I’ve been to Canada, Switzerland, Berlin and Paris. I have learnt a lot about myself and others over the years and plenty of laughs and tears! I would urge any student to give up some time to volunteer and pledge #iwill this week.

The brilliant thing about this week is that they are also celebrating those that already tirelessly volunteer! So I clap my hands to all the students that already do! Well done!

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