Happy New Year

Hello 2017, Happy New Year.   Nice to meet you.  I use a bullet journal to write ideas down and I had loads of lists written for things I wanted to blog about in the New Year.  Goals, Bucket Lists, Resolutions being the main thing I wanted to get down…  You know what though I felt like all the life got sapped out of me every time I wanted to make plans.  Lists of lists.  It just felt a bit dull and lifeless.

an empty notepad with screwed up paper and a pen on it

There are obviously situations when having a plan helps but my entire life plan just seemed a little bit too much to bare.   We live in such a fast paced world that changes at the drop of a button.   Do I really want to set a goal to make sure I go do something when in reality why set it as a goal when deep down I know I am going to do it any way.

2016 has been a great year for me and I totally expect that 2017 will be too.  Why?  Because I am living it.  I am not going to tie myself down to a bucket list no more.  I just don’t want to, I’m really not digging it!

What am I going to do instead though.  I need to replace that list making hole up with something else.  A new project to sink my teeth into, one that has come to me with a little help from my friends…

The Positive Moment Project

In a world where the media throws the “bad” stuff at us on a constant basis we need a little positivity in our lives.  Even if it is just a moment.  My lovely friends Katie (Mummy in a Tutu) and Sarah (Tammy Mum) are going to be injecting some positivity into our lives this year and hopefully yours.

We’re going to be collecting our positive moments over on our Pinterest board for all to see and pin.   It might be inspirational quotes, parenting wins, cute positive pictures, happy moments; if we think it’s remotely positive we will share it.  Hopefully daily but definitely often. A real little bubble board of positivity.

If this sounds like something you are itching to get involved in then the more the merrier.  Follow the board, drop me an email and follow the simple rules.  We’d love to fill people’s Pinterest feeds with positivity.

Let’s clink those glasses together and say cheers to a positive and wonderful 2017.   I’ll not be making any lists of things I want to do at all.  No way will I be planning on going on holiday to Scotland, and not a chance will I be planning to buy a new car.  I’d love to see my brother more but that’s not going to happen, a little bit healthier, nah I’m not going to try at all.  A list you say?  No not on here!

The Postive Moment Project says Happy New Year

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