Happy Days – Starting Again

Happy Days is a process for finding the happiness in every day and is something that I enjoy doing with Katy and Sian each week, I really feel it adds value to my life.  It allows me to make the most of each day and leave it on a positive note.

Right now I’m not particularly feeling the Happy Days philosophy, in fact I’d almost go to say I’ve not felt like it for a couple of weeks really.  I’ve found myself finding a little bit of time here or there to add to my list with a short snippet to add to the post. Opening my laptop for the first time in a week though has made me realise that I do have a nice list forming.

So no excuses I am sitting down to get this one out there and done so I can write it off as a bad fortnight and hopefully start again tomorrow, maybe in better spirits.

– Mummy Day off…  Wow this feels like a looooong time ago now but Dave took the Robot off out for the day, I had six hours to myself, had a long bath and watched a couple of movies while doing very little!!

– Some of Dave’s friends came to visit us.  We had a lovely lamb roast dinner after a nice walk to the pub.

– Can’t beat a visit to the Wildlife Oasis Animal Park, a slice of cake and hot chocolate in the cafe.

– This also feels like a long time ago but my Mum got back from her holidays.  The Robot loves having his Gran home:

Gran and the Robot cuddle

– The Robot is getting better at play and always generally cute.

– We’ve been having better sleep patterns.  Never quite enough for me but still enough to function

– The Robot is getting more words and even some mini sentences.  My favourite as the moment is “Get It” sometimes with a “Mummy get it.”   Makes me think I ask him to go get things all the time, very useful toddler and all that.

– Nice weather means more time in the garden.  Can’t wait to get a sand pit and water table for the boy to play with as I think it will entertain him for hours!

– Our day trip to West Cumbria was brilliant.

On the shore of lake wastwater together as a family.

– Mother’s Day lie in, bath, bike ride and strawberry Sunday!

– The Robot seemed to have an extended sleep the other morning and as we were both awake with no toddler to wrangle as normal Dave worried.  I thought it was cute that he went in to check if he was still alive. Thankfully he didn’t wake up!

– We had a fun morning out with a Mummy friend.  The boys love to play together and they shared a kid’s meal in the cafe, we were impressed at their eating as last time they didn’t eat much at all.

– We’re still going to Didi Dance each week.  The Robot is really starting to get it and enjoy it.  He’s a good 4 or 5 months younger than anyone else but is joining in like everyone else.  We just finished our term of tap dancing!

– I have been talked into using a ring sling, the first time I used it was for a successful sleepy car transfer.  I’m totally sold but now I want to buy my own!

Robot sling cuddle

– We’re trying out new toy storage.  Lots of smaller boxes rather than one big one.  It kind of back fired because he can turn the boxes over to stand on to climb on things but our house is generally cleaner because he’s only got one set of toys out at a time. Tonight he helped tidy his cars away which was a result!

quote that I am sharing with Candid Cuddles with Becky and Prabs this week:

every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath. Smile, and Start Again

I already feel a lot better about getting to the bottom of this post.  I can hit publish and move on to something else now.  Probably a movie and a hot chocolate!   Hope you are all well?  Karen x


  1. Ah I hope you have drawn a line under some of the negative and a little more positivity and happy days are coming your way. A day to yourself sounds pretty amazing and I bet that did you the world of good. As I lu said there are lots of positives here even if it hasn’t felt it at time. #familyfun xx
    Tammymum recently posted…#FamilyFun…Week 29My Profile

  2. You’ve picked out some lovely moments from the last couple of weeks to show that even though it’s felt generally tricky – there have still been highlights. The long bath sounded lovely and I think we are very much on the same page with the slee thing – this sums me up too “never quite enough…but still enough to function” – ha ha ha.

    I loved the sleepy sling photo and the photo of the robot and his Gran – he’s looking like a little boy now – I think it’s the hair! Hope you have a good next couple of weeks. Will check back in when we return from our hols. xx #familyfunlinky xx
    Hayley@ Mission: Mindfulness recently posted…Guest series: Mindfulness and Me #11My Profile

  3. I am so jealous of your alone time! the only time ive had that is when i was ill but we didnt tell the inlaws so Ben went to them as per usual when i work and i had me time, but i wasnt well so couldnt bask in the glory of silence!
    It sounds like you’ve had some really good days! #familyfun

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