Happy Days September

I can’t quite believe it’s the last day in September today.  It’s gone so quick and I don’t really feel like it’s been fun packed and as full as it could have been.  It’s all been about survival and making it through each day at the time.  We’ve definitely been taking the one day at a time approach and writing off the bad days with a long sleep and making more of an effort the next day.

This is where I’m going to try really hard and come up with a list of happy bits from the last month.  It would be so easy for me to go off with all the bad bits…  I’ve not really recorded anything down so I am relying on my brain and a pitiful amount of pictures from my phone to remind me.  Here goes.

– Making it to 36 weeks pregnant.  In a couple of days time, but 36 sounds more impressive than 35!   What’s two days between friends?  Even though I’ve found the last several weeks increasingly hard I am so grateful to be having a happy and healthy pregnancy.  The Robot and I still get out every day to play groups, parks and classes; still shaking my hips (sort of) at Didi Dance sessions.  It makes such a difference to our days to be able to get out, even if I collapse on the sofa at the end of the day!

– We squeezed in one last camping trip to the Duddon/Eskdale Vallies in the Lake District.  Last for the year, and last as a family of 3.  Looking forward to next year and seeing how camping with 2 kids will work!

camp for the night tent looking over the duddon valley

– I may have mentioned it last month, the Robot made the transition to toddler bed without any hitches. He continues to sleep the night in his bed and I am ever so grateful for the sleep I get at night. No fall outs, 12-13 hour sleeps and happy morning cuddles. It’s just worked and I couldn’t be happier. The pay off is no napping in the day but I’d take a full night sleep all the way at the moment!

– It’s been great on #FamilyFun, it is the one little thing I’ve persevered with to keep tabs on the blogging community.  Baby Two is not far off now and I am going to miss taking part in our linky on a weekly basis.  I am extremely grateful that Alana from Burnished Chaos has joined us so I can take a proper break and wrap myself in the new baby phase!

– Getting ready for the baby. We are not great spenders in the Two Tiny household and with the Robot we only bought the bare essentials and got some good hand my downs from friends and such. It’s been nice to go through all the stuff we saved and sort it ready for baby two. The happy bit is needing a few newborn bits and I actually went and bought some new baby grows that I chose, something I didn’t do for the Robot!

– Discovering my love of crafting again and seeing where it can take me…  I’ve always loved sewing and I have been enjoying getting to know and finding an on-line community of crafters over on Instagram.

Lots of makes and sewing projexts
Just a few makes of things on my new instagram account

– My new routine of Cafe Fix, a relatively new cafe in town that the Robot and I frequent on a weekly basis.  We always manage to go when it’s quiet in the afternoon and have the sofas to ourselves.  Cake, cup of tea and a play in their spacious kids play area.  We can easily spend an hour there before heading off for a spin at the park on the way home.  It’s been a sanity savour!

– The TV has become a source of entertainment for the Robot and it annoys me a bit. At the start of the month we got the tuff spot back out after months of misuse, it’s been fun and it’s great to see how more grown up my son is at playing. We’ve slipped again so I need to summon some energy to pick a next activity for him.  New things to play with are always fun for a few days even if it’s rice crispies!

Robot playing happlily in the tuffspot

– Grandparents. The Robot often mentions them by name now, and even though we don’t see all of them all the time it makes me smile. Dave’s parent’s came to visit us for the day this month and it upset the Robot when they left. It’s prompted an extra visit as we’re heading over to seem them today.

There are probably a whole load of other things that made me happy amongst the haze of September that I could tell you about but I will have to leave it there.  I am sat next to a TV watching boy who really shouldn’t be.  Time to get up, changed and wake up Daddy Dave!

Hope you’ve all had a good September and let’s hope October is an interesting one…  Take care x x


  1. I bet you are so excited to meet your new little one. It is so fun to choose a few brand new items when you’re used to hand me downs. My kids love their hand me downs, but there’s something special about choosing just the right thing – that only YOU have owned.
    Good luck with October – and your soon-to-be-new baby!
    Jessica – A Modern Mom’s Life recently posted…Our Family Schedule Fall 2017 – Too Busy?My Profile

  2. I’m still in awe that you went camping whilst heavily pregnant! I’m loving the sound of that cafe, sounds like bliss, I wish we had something like that near hear. And buying babygros is just the most amazing feeling, imagining the little one that will be filling them in just a few short weeks

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