Happy Days October 2017

This could be one of the toughest October’s I’ve ever encountered.  I’ve started writing out this Happy Days post on the 25th of October.  My ticking time bomb of a baby is waiting to be born, at bang on 40 weeks due when this goes live part of me hopes it’s on its way!  Over the next few days I think I’ll keep adding to this so that I can hit publish in whatever state it’s got to!

The purpose of this post is to concentrate on all the happy things that have happened over the month.   We’ve certainly had some happy moments but being heavily pregnant is starting to take its toll on how happy I can actually feel.  I ache now, moving is slow, parent/friend support is spread very thin, poor Dave is juggling work and waiting for that moment I go “I’m in labour”.   As of the 29th it’s not yet!  I can’t wait…  Let’s take a look at some of the happy moments of the past month.

– A visit from my best friend and a good walk in the woods to play in the dens.

robot poking his head out of the wood den

– A day Trip to Morecambe with the boys. Tiring but a beautiful day made it worth it.

– My twitter use has dipped this last year but I spotted the other day that I went past the 6000 follower mark.

– I am really getting into my new Instagram account over at Two Tiny Makes. I’ve even been dabbling with Instastories which I didn’t ever think I’d do.

– I’ve really started to value of my Mummy friends. It’s taken time but I do feel like they are friends now not just people I see about.

– The Robot had his 2.5 year review and he passed it with flying colours.  He loves being a dinosaur at the moment and has the cutest roar going, here he is having a roar at me:

Robot having a roar at Mummy - me fake scream

Sewing again is really helping my mood. I love sorting out my minimal fabric collection and quilting is becoming something that makes me smile!

– Cafe Fix made the list last month too I think. It’s one of my favourite go to cafe’s, it’s not expensive, has comfy sofas and plenty of toys!

– We took a day trip to Worth Valley Railway, it knackered me out but it was good to spend some time with my train loving boys.  I’m really love seeing the bond that they have going on.  I need to learn to let them get on with it and not get involved:

Robot poking at his Daddy

– Even though I’m tired I’m so happy this pregnancy has gone smoothly and with little aches and pains. It’s made waddling after the Robot easier!

– Bless Dave’s parents have been on baby watch all week because my Mum has been on holiday and they’re 2nd on the list for Robot watch. They must have been waiting at the phone for us all week because they came to visit us at the weekend. An extra surprise for the Robot who always gets excited to see them.

– Trips to the park even though they are hard work for me the Robot loves going and we often go for a walk on route to visit the cows and see the windmill. We’ve got the same pace at the moment so it’s quite good fun. He loves a good run around when we get there:

Robot running round the park

I’ve had a bullet point of “A Baby???”  on my list all month and I guess this one is not going to be an October baby.  November is the better month for a birthday…  I hope that you have all had a good month and I look forward to having you stop by in November!

Buuuuut lastly, I’m not a big fan of Halloween but as it is today I figured I should share with you my baby giraffe engrossed in play before we head off to a Didi Dance Halloween edition:

robot dressed as a giraffe playing with his road mat

Oops forgot to post this on the 31st!! Still no baby though!!

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