Happy Days November 2017

It’s that time of the month when I take a look back at the happy days moments from the last month just gone.  Something I used to endeavour to do weekly has become a manageable monthly occurrence.

Life has a habit of showing you the hard, and downright lows, especially in the ever lasting topsy turvy land of parenting.  So this little look back is my way to centre my mind and really just focus on the happy bits from my days, however difficult they’ve been!  Here we go:

– Especially true in the first few days of the month was the beautiful autumnal weather we had. It kept me going in the last few days of pregnancy.

Karen and robot sat on a limestone rock, the sky is blue
Our last family of 3 walk in the Autumn sunshine

– With that the Robots baby sister arrived!!  Yes my daughter too I guess!  Also slightly overwhelmed by all the warm wishes from all wishing us congratulations. Thank you!

– Getting the home birth I had always pondered over doing. I didn’t think it would happen but so glad I got my way.  I would recommend it to everyone to at least consider it!

– I was slightly surprised by how much newborns sleep. It definitely made the first week and a bit easier to cope with…  can’t say it stays easy!

– Getting to carry my snuggly baby! I’ve been so looking forward to wearing her up in my sling nice and close, I have not been disappointed!

A rare shot with my Dad at the park.

– My beautiful tribal friends sending me a care package of gifts.  Lovely virtual friends, it surprises me how well you know me.

– With a newborn brings all the people. It’s been so nice to see our parents and a few friends wanting to see our lovely bundle.

– Even though he’s been a tad challenging at times it’s been nice to see the Robot at play.  He’s picked up independent play especially with his duplo train track, building things as well as playing effectively. Been a lifesaver really.

– Again with the Robot, a mini victory for us when he did the sweeping up when I asked after refusing to help with almost everything else!

– People keep asking how the Robot is getting on with his sister. The answer is it seems to be one of love and adoration.  I hope it continues!

Baby laying on change mat and looking at the Robot who's looking back laying on floor. It's a cute one!
Hello baby sister

– Play group joy.  I love going to my play groups I could not do my week without them. Especially with number 2 here, they become my bit of a break I need for the Robot to run wild!

– First baths. It seems we’ve slotted into the cliché of the 2nd kid gets to make do and after 2 weeks we finally got baby C into the bath with the Robot.  I can’t say she liked it but she looked as cute as a button when she came out:

Baby wrapped in a towel of cuteness

I’ll leave you here with my baby spam.  It’s fair to say November has been a life changer and I hope that in December things will start to become a certain kinda normal again.

Have many happy days folks!

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